The purpose of the award is to recognize a doctoral student for excellence in the creation of knowledge.

Candidates for the Alumni Association Distinguished Dissertation Award may be nominated by any member of the graduate faculty at Ball State University.

The award recipient is recognized during Graduate Student Recognition Week and presented a plaque and monetary gift.

Read the guidelines for the Distinguished Dissertation Award.

Award Recipients

Robin Phelps-Ward
"Formal Mentoring Programs to Support Students of Color in the Academy: A Phenomenological Analysis of Student and Faculty"
Chairperson: Thalia Mulvihill

Lorna C. Timmerman
"Self Determination in Transitioning First Year College Students with and without Disabilities: Using Mao-Works for Assessment"


Nathan C. Myers, Department of English
"'Yeats': Fashioning Credibility, Canonicity, and Ethnic Identity through Transnational Appropriation"
Chairperson: Dr. Deborah Mix

Amanda Latz, Department of Educational Studies
"Understanding the Educational Lives of Community College Students through Photovoice"
Chairperson: Dr. Thalia Mulvihill

Jenelle N. Boo
Department of Counseling Psychology
"The Relationship Between Adult Attachment and Depression as Mediated by Social Support, Self-Esteem, and Optimism"
Dr. Kristin Perrone McGovern

Nicholas D. Luden
Department of Physical Education
"Physiological Adaptations to Taper in Competitive Distance Runners"
Chairperson: Dr. Scott Trappe

Philip W. Rudd    
Department of English
“Sheng: The Mixed Language of Nairobi”
Chairperson: Dr. Carolyn MacKay

Ulrika Raue   
Department of Physical Education
"Skeletal Muscle Gene Expression with Age"
Chairperson: Dr. Scott Trappe

Alfred Johnson   
Department of English
"Network: Social Networks, Disruptive Agency, and Innovation in Howells, Fitzgerald,  Heller, Pynchon, and Gibson"
Chairperson: Dr. Kecia McBride

Carmen D. Siering   
Department of English
“Rhetorical Vision: Resistance, Fantasy, and the Work of Texts in Creating and Sustaining Subculture”
Chairperson: Dr. Kristie Fleckenstein

Larra R. Petersen       
Department of Counseling & Guidance Services
“A Model of Psychosocial Adjustment to Cancer:  Additional Contributions of Agency, Communion, Unmitigated Agency, and Unmitigated Communion.” 
Chairperson:Dr. Donald Nicholas

Luz Mary Rincon                   
Department of English
“Middle-Class Spanish of the City of Bucaramanga, Columbia”
Chairperson: Dr. Carolyn MacKay

Carolyn McCue Goffman             
Department of English
“More than the Conversion of Souls: Rhetoric and Ideology at the American College for Girls in Istanbul, 1871-1923.”
Chairperson: Dr. Linda Hanson

Kurt Bullock                     
Department of English
“Narrative Space and Time:  The Rhetoric of Disruption in  the Short-Story Form.”
Chairperson: Dr. Patti White

Stefania Aegisdottir         
Department of Counseling Psychology
 "Icelanders' and Americans' Expectations About Counseling:  Do Expectations Vary | By Nationality, Sex, and Holland's Typology?"
Chairperson: Dr. Lawrence H. Gerstein

Alan Maugherman     
Department of Counseling Psychology
"The Effects of Distraction and Dysphoria on Social Problem-Solving Ability"
Chairperson: Dr. Paul Spengler

Cynthia L. Johanek    
Department of English
"A Contextualist Research Paradigm for Rhetoric and Composition"
Chairperson: Dr. Paul Ranieri

Ollie D. Powers  
School of Music
"Interactions Between Composers and Technology in the First Decades of Electronic Music, 1948-1968"
Chairpersons: Dr. Jody Nagel and Dr. David Sills

Wendy Y. Robinson    
Department of Educational Leadership
"The Relationship Between the Social Environment of an Urban School District and Its Support of Innovation and Change"
Chairperson: Dr. Theodore Kowalski

Not Awarded

Charles P. Conrad  
School of Music
"Fred Jewell (1875-1936):  His Life as Composer of Circus and Band Music, Bandmaster, and Publisher"
Chairperson: Dr. Linda L. Pohly

C. Floyd Richmond     
School of Music
"Tools, Guidelines, and Strategies for the Development of Computer-Assisted-Instruction Lessons by Non-Programming Music Teachers" 
Chairperson: Dr. H. Eugene Karjala 

Marsha A. Groff    
Department of English
"Personality Types, Writing Strategies and College Basic Writers:  Four Case Studies"
Chairperson: Dr. Barbara T. Weaver

Jeffrey J. Widrick    
School of Physical Education
"Carbohydrate Feedings and Exercise Performance:  Influence of Muscle Glycogen Availability"
 Chairperson: David L. Costill

Susan B. Yanos  
Department of English
"A Rhetorical Analysis of the Current Challenge to the Evolutionary Paradigm"
Chairperson: Forrest Houlette

Frederick A. Woodress     
Adult & Community Education
"The Impact of the Media on the Elderly (Over 60) Population in America's Middletown"
Chairperson: Dr. Peter J. Murk

Geoffrey McGillen   
School of Music
"The Teaching and Artistic Legacy of Olga Samaroff Stokowski"
Chairperson: Dr. Philip Albright

Linda L. Elphick   Department of English
"A World Without Real Deliverances:" Liberal Humanism in the Novels of Malcolm Bradbury" 
Chairperson: Dr. James K. MacDougall

Barbara A. Brecker       
Department of Counseling Psychology
"How Battered Women Cope:  Cognitive Appraisal, Coping Resources, and Coping Strategies"
Chairperson: Dr. Charles R. Barke

Randall L. Calhoun  
Department of English 
"William Shenstone's Aesthetic Theory and Poetry"
Chairperson: Dr. Richard Brown

Frederick L. Malouf  
School of Music
"A System for Interactive Music Composition Through Computer Graphics"
Chairperson: Dr. Cleve L. Scott

1984 Barbara T. Weaver  
Department of English 
"The Role of Literature in Teaching Freshman Composition"
Chairperson: Dr. Joseph F. Trimmer