Professional Society

  • An officially recognized group of alumni, all graduates from the same department/school/college.
  • Any recognized academic department/school/college can petition to be an official alumni society with the dean's approval.

Constituent Society

  • An officially recognized group of alumni, all with a common special interest.
  • Any recognized undergraduate student group can petition to be an official alumni society.

An official alumni society receives the following benefits:

  • Administrative support from the Alumni Association staff, including but not limited to, agendas, minutes, labels, production of flyers, assistance with printing and postage costs, determined on an individual basis, outing/event coordination, and a professional and support staff person assigned as liaison to the group. One or both will attend all meetings.
  • Representation on the Alumni Council, governing body of the Alumni Association.
  • Publicity in the Ball State Alumnus magazine.

Criteria for the organization of alumni societies include:

  • There must be a minimum of 250 alumni from the same department/school/college or 250 alumni with the same special interest.
  • A minimum of 25 of the 250 individuals must sign a petition to organize and be recognized. The 25 must be active members of the Ball State University Alumni Association. Active membership is defined as making an annual gift to Ball State University through the Ball State University Foundation.
  • A constitution and bylaws must be established to identify the purpose of the society and the operation of the society. The constitution must be accepted by the Alumni Council and prepared in accordance with the constitution and bylaws of the Alumni Association.
  • A volunteer alumni governing board of the society consisting of 9-18 members must be established (with rotating terms in accordance with the constitution).
  • The society must hold a minimum of one annual meeting and periodic board meetings to conduct the business of the alumni society.
  • All activities/events, invitations, flyers, and expenditures must be approved by the Alumni Association.