What is iConnect?

iConnect is part of a Microsoft Corporation pilot program in which Ball State University was selected to participate, along with only a handful of other universities. This program continues to evolve and is only now in the initial stages of development. Many features and customizations will continue to unfold as the service gains momentum and other universities follow Ball State's lead to provide full e-mail, blogging, and other interactive services to all students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

What services are included with my iConnect account?

Your iConnect account is simply another name for a Microsoft Passport account. iConnect is the initiative implemented by Ball State in coordination with Microsoft. With your account, you will have access to all of the features and tools available through the Microsoft Passport program, including Hotmail, MSN Messenger, MSN Spaces, MSN Mobile and Alerts. In addition, as this program evolves, you will be entitled to benefits not available to standard Microsoft Passport account holders, including a customized look and feel based on Ball State's branding; special offers and opportunities; and a ballstate.bsu.edu username.

How can I use my new iConnect account?

All alumni are eligible for iConnect e-mail accounts. We anticipate that the iConnect e-mail address will be used for the vast majority of their personal e-mailing with friends, family, and colleagues.

Why do I have to request an account?

The reason for this requirement is that we want to provide alumni with the ability to select their own account name and e-mail address rather than force alumni to use one that has been preselected. We believe this flexibility is worth the effort, especially when the address selected will be a lifetime e-mail address.

Which account will Ball State send official e-mail to?

Official messages from the university, including newsletters, campus updates, and other information, will be sent to your preferred e-mail address. If you choose to make your username@ballstate.bsu.edu address your preferred contact address, please visit the alumni registry to make sure it is set to your username@ballstate.bsu.edu account.

What rules must I follow when creating a custom account name?

The following are the naming conventions for creating custom account names:

  • must be alpha/numeric
  • may contain one period; however, it cannot start or end with a period
  • may not contain any other punctuation, including underscores or dashes
  • must be less than 22 characters


How do I configure my APPLE iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) to access my @ballstate.bsu.edu email account?

A step by step guide can be found here.


How do I configure my ANDROID mobile device to access my @ballstate.bsu.edu email account?

A step by step guide can be found here.


Whom do I contact to report abuse or if I forgot my password?

To report abuse, you can send an e-mail to: abuse@microsoft.com.

If you have forgotten your password or are having issues accessing your iConnect account, please contact Alumni Engagement for assistance at 765-285-1080 or by sending email to bsualumni@bsu.edu