Outstanding Nursing Alumni Award

Ball State Nursing alumni who have given exceptional service to the nursing profession through education, service, and community involvement are eligible. Anyone may nominate a candidate for this Nursing Alumni Society award. The nominee will then be notified of the nomination and requested to complete a personal information sheet. Please contact the Alumni Association to nominate a candidate for this award. You may also fill out our printable form to mail in.

Applications are accepted throughout the year and will remain in consideration for three years. To be considered for the spring awards, applications should be received by the first Friday in December. 

Outstanding Nursing Alumni Award Recipients

2015    Darcy Burthay, Kathy Hutson
2014    Cynthia Adams
2013    Catherine A. Moniaci
2012    Bobbi (Dowling) Eads, Damita (Hill) Williams
2011    Gary D. Huey, Susan L. Jarvis
2010    Norda A. (Dudley) Ratcliff
2009    Kevin D. Reed, Frieda L. (Mendenhall) Wright
2008    Sue (Magill) Price
2007    Patricia (Ryan) Toney
2006    Helen (Scott) Borman, Jay Kyle Ober
2005    Pamela R. Jeffries
2004    Bette (Turner) Jones, Carol (Miller) Sternberger, JoAnne
          (Roesler) Wilson
2003    Beth Kelsey, A. Marie (Clark) Osborn
2002    Lorraine Keith, Alexis Neal, Jennifer Wrin    
2001    Joyce Newman Giger
2000    Morris Cohen, Anna M.(Manley) McDaniel
1999    Marsha J. Casey, Barbara A. Cox
1998    Pat (Parks) McCallister, Jackie S. (Radpour) Rowles
1997    Mary L. (Girton) Lamb, David K. Miller
1996    Rita Atkins Baylor, Karen Pence Renbarger
1995    Debra L. Fawcett, Susan K. Newbold
1994    Margaret E. Hasler, Leanna R. Miller
1993    George T. Coulbourne, Barbara Heifner
1992    Francesca Armmer, Patricia Babcock, Jo Ann Johnston, Nancy Walts
1991    Karen Barnes, Sue Dunham, Ann Hanson
1990    Jo Brown, Mary Lou Cheatham, Dorothy Weisman
1989    Betty Trickler, Diana Weaver
1988    Shirley Foster, Kae Sprunger
1987    Elizabeth Eleanor (Hale) Krug, Kay Elaine Hodson
1986    Florence E. (Beck) Brumley, Norma Jean Christman
1985    Marjorie Charlene Merrill
1984    Madonna Burget
1983    Barbara Garringer
1982    Jean (Stone) Megenity
1981    Chris Riggle
1980    Wilma A. Minniear
1979    Mary McGarrell
1978    Virginia (Davis) Tate
1977    Joan Gowin
1976    Barbara Horn
1975    N. Jean (Schwartz) Grimsley

Emerging Professional Nurse Alumni Award

The Nursing Alumni Society established this award in 2015 to recognize Ball State University School of Nursing alumni who have graduated within the past 20 years, and have demonstrated excellent potential for success in their chosen field.

Emerging Professional Nurse Alumni Award Recipients
2015    Jack Pugsley