The preamble of the Ball State Alumni Association as stated in its constitution is as follows:

We, the alumni of Ball State University, in order to foster and more fully realize the ideals of the University; to stimulate and encourage the loyalty of all sons and daughters of the University by acquainting them fully with the progress and needs of their alma mater; to assist in interpreting the University, its work and its services, to the state and nation, and mutual assistance, do establish this Constitution.

In keeping with this statement of purpose, the Alumni Council of the Ball State University Alumni Association has instructed its officers and staff with the following statement of policy regarding third party merchandising/member services, (such as credit cards, travel, insurance, etc.) for the Alumni Association.

Policy Statement

Before inaugurating any program, the following must be affirmative:

1. The program must be at no cost and with no risk on the part of the institution, Alumni Association, or Ball State Foundation.
2. The program could potentially generate revenue for the Alumni Association, without major negative alumni relations.
3. It should be perceived alumni want such a program.
4. The Alumni Association has exclusivity of the program, without competition.

Interpretation of Policy

The executive director of the Ball State University Alumni Association will be charged with the responsibility of enforcing this policy under direction of the Alumni Council and its Alumni Services Committee.


1. Lists will not be given or sold for any outside commercial solicitation, marketing, or promotions.
2. Mailing will be from campus or of another method to ensure privacy of individual alumni.