Alumni Chapters

Club of Greater Chicago
Blair Kramer, '05
Greater Indianapolis
Scott Wenclewicz, ’06
Scott Franko, ’92
Northeastern Indiana
Russell C. Hire, '88 

Professional Societies

College of Architecture & Planning
M.J. Meneley, '96
Journalism Society
Deana R. Haworth, MA '05
Miller College of Business
Edward L. Armantrout, '01
Natural Resources & Environmental Management
Danesa Stolz, ’97
Nursing Society
Kathryn M. Thomas, '79
Teachers College Society
Evans Branigan, ’94MAE03
Todd M. Merickel, '94
Theatre and Dance
Holly Stults Haas, '89

Constituent Societies

Black Alumni Society 
Teresa Jeter, MUR '95
Football Player's Association
Kyle West, '76
Young Alumni Council
Michele F. Musson, '06 MBA '07


BSU Foundation Alumni Engagement Liaison
Lori Corvino
BSU Foundation Alumni Council Coordinator
Deanna Zimmer