Ball State University Alumni Association
Alumni Ambassadors

The mission and goals of the Ball State University Alumni Association can only be achieved with a network of alumni volunteers in all geographical regions where clusters of alumni reside.  The Ball State University Alumni Association utilizes alumni chapters, constituent societies, and professional societies to identify and engage alumni volunteers. All three are effective formats, but collectively, they do not provide the total network of volunteers necessary to engage alumni in all geographic regions. The alumni ambassadors program is intended to complete that network.

Specific Responsibilities and Expectations of Alumni Ambassadors:

The primary role of an alumni ambassador in a geographic region is to serve as a liaison for the university and the Alumni Association with individual alumni, donors, parents, students, and interested individuals in that area. 


  1. Be an active member of the Ball State University Alumni Association. Active membership is obtained by making an annual contribution to Ball State University through the Ball State University Foundation.
  2. Serve as a resource person and advocate for Ball State University. Provide the university with local knowledge of the area for event planning and alumni engagement.
  3. Be knowledgeable about the university and serve as a promoter of Ball State University, its goals, programs, and missions to others in the respective geographic area.
  4. Assist the university in identifying and recruiting top-quality students. This includes sending names and information regarding any prospective student to the Ball State University Alumni Association staff. 
  5. Act as a coordinator/host for social and educational activities for Alumni Association sponsored events in the area.
  6. Be a member of the Cardinal Network for Higher Education to communicate the Ball State University message to legislative officials. Under the direction of Network staff, cultivate and educate local, state, and federal legislative officials regarding the University’s goals, missions, and needs.
  7. Assist the university development staff in fundraising by making an annual personal gift encouraging others to make gifts, and serving as a volunteer/leader in fundraising programs as requested.
  8. Collect news items regarding Ball State University and its alumni and submit them to the Alumni Association. Serve as a set of eyes and ears concerning all Ball State University matters in the respective area.
  9. Provide assistance to alumni new to the area as requested.
  10. Assist Ball State's Career Center and individual alumni via career networking, possibly through Cardinal Connection or Career Career Link.
  11. Utilize the Ball State University Alumni Association webpage, along with all social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).