Alpha Phi Reunion
Saturday, July 17, 2010
At the Ball State Alumni Center

Delta Rho Sisters spent a day on campus with us and celebrated friendships. The attendees learned about Ball State’s plans for a Greek Village, visited the suite in Woodworth, reconnected with sisters and met those from other classes.


2010 Alpha Phi Reunion Attendees list:
Carol Bradach Ammon
Nancy Browning
Carol Cardemon
Jama Cashdollar
Marilyn Collins
Cleo Raptakis Duncan
Dave Fountain
Susie Todd Fountain
Lori Fulk
Marcia Gobble
Michelle Harrell
Alice Jean Hartman
Becky Holderman
Charlotte Irish
Cathy Richardson Jackson
Michelle Johnson
Chris Larson
Kami Laux
Angie McCoy
Jill Nelson
Jan McKinney Pool
Barb Bennett Price
Marlo Quick
Lisa Bromelmeier Ramos
Tyana Rodimel
Angie Siela
Elizabeth Weber Stahl
Jennifer Stayer
Sandra Sunderland-Willis
Sue Taylor
Pam Wingate
Lynda Wiley