The name of the organization is the Ball State University Club of Greater Chicago.


This club is formed to establish an integrated and cooperative organization including the Alumni Association, University Development and University Advancement of Ball State University and the alumni and friends of the University in the Greater Chicago, Illinois area to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Foster a greater presence of Ball State University in the Greater Chicago area.
  2. Improve the promotion and advancement of interests of Ball State University including networking and increasing financial support.
  3. Establish closer fellowship among the alumni and friends of Ball State University who reside in the greater Chicago area.
  4. Aid in the recruitment of outstanding students for Ball State University.
  5. Achieve a better informed alumni, and increase the stature of Ball State University in the greater Chicago area.

This may be accomplished by:

A.        Providing a direct link of communication and information between the University and the club area.

B.        Giving the Alumni Association, University Development and University Advancement official representation in the club area.

C.        Being an integrated and cooperative working organization of the Alumni Association, University Development, University Advancement and alumni and friends of the university to achieve alumni, development and advancement objectives.

D.        Formulating cooperative ideas for area events, selection of venues, and coordination of event details.

E.         Acting as a contact/host for social and educational activities for Ball State University sponsored events in the area.

F.         Publicizing and encouraging attendance at University and Chicago Club events and activities.

G.        Helping welcome Ball State alumni into the geographic area.

H.        Participating in the Cardinals Network for Higher Education.

I.          Engaging in University Fundrasing efforts and activities.

                                                                                 ARTICLE  THREE.    MEMBERSHIP 

All graduates of Ball State University, and all persons who have been in attendance as students at Ball State University and all who have been officially connected therewith, residing in Cook County, Du Page County, Lake County, McHenry County, Kane County, Will County, and DeKalb County in Illinois and Lake and Porter Counties in Indiana are considered members to be served by this club.

All spouses of alumni and all persons who have had children in attendance at Ball State University or who have shown a direct interest in the University (parents, families, friends), shall be considered member to be served by this club.


The officers of this club shall consist of a Board of Directors of no less than 12 members and no more than 20 members.  Directors must be active members of the Ball State University Alumni Association which is defined as making an annual gift to the University through the Ball State University Foundation.  All Directors will be considered members of the Cardinal Network for Higher Education.  The Board of Directors shall elect, from within, a president and a vice president, who will each serve a two-year term. The retiring president shall be responsible for the convening of the new Board of Directors and for the election of officers. The Board of Directors will also be responsible for electing, from within, one representative to the Ball State Alumni Council to serve a three-year term. Directors will serve for three (3) consecutive years. In the original organization, five (5) board members will be appointed for three (3) years, five (5) for two (2) years, and five (5) for one (1) year. All positions are renewable.

The officers of the Ball State Club of Greater Chicago shall be president, vice president, and Alumni Council representative. Duties shall be the following:

  1. The president shall set meeting agendas, preside at all meetings and shall be responsible for the general supervision of all the work of the club. He/she shall appoint members of committees and shall serve as an ex-officio member of each committee. The president must maintain a close working relationship with the Alumni Association and University Development coordinators (assigned members of the Alumni Association and Development staff).
  2. The vice president shall preside in the absence of the president and assist the president and the Alumni Association and Development coordinators in any other way necessary.
  3. The Alumni Council representative shall attend both meetings of the chapter and the Alumni Council of the Ball State University Alumni Association and shall report and serve as a liaison to both boards.

    Each member of the Board of Directors should attend the meetings and functions sponsored by the board of directors.  As participation in the board meetings is the sole responsibility of board members, failure to do so is reasonable cause for removal from the board.  When a Director is absent for consecutive meetings, the President shall call the member to determine his/her intent to continue to serve.  The President will report to the Board as to the findings and may propose the Board request a letter of resignation from the Director and the election of a replacement.



    Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held at least once each year and at such more frequent intervals as the Board of Directors may deem proper.  One meeting shall be designated an annual meeting for the election of officers.  New board members shall be elected each year by the then current Board of Directors.


    Such by-laws may be adopted as from time to time shall be deemed advisable by the Board of Directors of this club.


    These Articles of Association may be amended by a majority vote of those present at a meeting of the Board of Directors of this club.




    All officers and committees not otherwise provided for shall be chosen by the club at any regular or special meeting and in such manner as the meeting may decide.

                                                                                                   SECTION TWO

    The annual meeting shall be held at such an hour and such place as the Board of Directors may designate, proper notice being given to all members.


    It shall be the duty of the Alumni Council representative to attend all meetings of the Council as a voting member of the Alumni Association's policy making body, and shall report to the club's Board of Directors the actions of the Council meetings.  


     Seven or more members shall constitute a quorum sufficient to do business at any regular or special meeting or any adjournment thereof.

                                                                                                   SECTION FIVE

    These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of those present at any meeting of this club.


    Robert's Rules of Order shall govern parliamentary questions in the meetings of this club.


      Club activities should be self-supporting insofar as possible.  However, the Alumni Association recognizes that emergencies occur and pledges its financial backing to any project, activity or meeting duly approved by the Board of Directors in which either the executive director or the director of activities of the Association has been a full participant.

                                             ALUMNI AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES AVAILABLE TO CLUBS 


    Information on meetings, programs, projects and activities will be printed in the Ball State Alumnus. and electronic and new media managed by the Alumni Association.

    Addresses of Alumni in Regional Area

    A computer print-out and/or electronic file of addresses may be furnished to each club president annually.  (Data should be used for club business only and names should not be exploited by business or commercial interests.)

    Printing and Mailing 

    The Alumni Office will assist in the development and printing of any materials needed, and will mail and/or electronically distribute.  Most USPO mailings will be sent out third class.

    Minutes and Agenda

    A representative of the Alumni Office staff and the Development staff will be assigned to provide support for the club and all club meetings.  This individual will provide minutes of the meeting.  Notices and agendas of upcoming meetings will be sent to the Board of Directors by the Alumni Office staff, on request of the club president.

    Speakers and Programs

    The Alumni Office and Development Office will assist the club to arrange for speakers from the University for Club programs when necessary or desired and in some instances may be able to schedule University musical or dramatic groups as part of a program. 

    Development Strategies and Resources

    The University Development Office will provide strategies or work with the club on the development of strategies, and provide resources to facilitate fundraising initiatives in the Greater Chicago area.