Meeting Minutes

Ball State University Alumni Association
Greater Indianapolis Area Alumni Chapter
Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, October 29, 2014
6:00 P.M.; Claddagh Irish Pub, 96th Street

Members and Guests Present: Tom Andrews, Julie Bradshaw, Brenda Cox, Brian Geiselhart, Mark Hess, Carol Kosisko, Russ Lawrence, Michele Musson, Kara Traut, John Waite, and Scott Wenclewicz

Chapter Event/Activity Guidelines:
Guidelines were reviewed and discussed, especially the three tiers of events, event and meeting attendance by board members, the process for requesting university officials and athletic personnel for events, and the addition of a giving component into event fees.

Review of Spring/Summer Outings:

Pacers Outing – Russ Lawrence reported that 80-100 participated in the April, 6, 2014, Pacers Game Ball State Alumni Night. Three ticket levels were offered ($13.60 for upper balcony, $21.30 for lower balcony, $53.90 for club level). A pre-game reception was held at Pearl Street Pizza & Pub. The pre-game was not well attended because game tickets were mailed directly to attendees. This year we will have all tickets mailed to us and attendees will have to come by Pearl Street Pizza & Pub to pick them up.

Indians Picnic and Baseball Outing – John Waite reported that there were 137 in attendance, which made for a very successful event. He felt the Coaches Caravan was a nice addition, even though the picnic area is not very conducive to a presentation. Gaining the two children’s ticket sponsors from Russ Lawrence and Kevin O’Brien helped to make the event affordable for families.

Theatre Outing – Brenda Cox reported that all 50 tickets were sold for the June 19, 2014, performance of “The Book of Mormon” at the Murat Theatre. A pre-show reception was held at the Rathskeller from 5:30-7:00 p.m., with the show starting at 7:30 p.m. The cost for reception and show was $85. Brenda will look over the 2015 performance schedule for another great opportunity.

Golf and Dinner Outing – Scott Wenclewicz reported that the July 17 Golf and Dinner Outing at River Glen was very successful with 89 golfers and 94 for dinner. Pete Lembo spoke at dinner, as well as Rich Maloney and Katherine Mowat, who also played golf. Scott will check available dates at River Glen for a 2015 summer outing.

Symphony on the Prairie – Kara Traut reported that 247 tickets were sold for the Symphony on the Prairie outing on August 23. She anticipates that the concert and the reception would have been a great success had it not been rained out. Guests were able to redeem their tickets for any show remaining in the Symphony on the Prairie season. It is only the second time the board can remember having the reception and/or concert rained out. It was suggested that event flyers only be mailed to graduates of 1990 and before, since more recent graduates tend to get their information online and prefer to register online.

Indianapolis Cardinal Business Forum –Brian Geiselhart reported on the success of the ICBF and that he thought the chapter’s connection to it this year was beneficial. The Board is supportive of taking the lead on the event and continuing it as a chapter activity if needed.

Upcoming Outings:

BSU Football Tailgate – Because of the how late we are in the season, the chapter will not host a tailgate on campus this year.

Casino Night – The cost of hiring dealers and operating a successful casino night was discussed and it was decided that it was not financially feasible.

Pacers Outing – Russ Lawrence will check on group tickets for the Saturday, January 31, 2015 game. Will make arrangements for pre-game at Pearl Street Pizza & Pub, and have tickets for pick up there.

Pub Crawl – Tom Andrews will investigate existing pub crawl events and see if there is one the chapter can join. Michele Musson will assist.

Officers and Board Positions: Officers will continue another term. Brian Geiselhart and Terry Coleman have joined the board and will be added for a three-year term expiring on December 2017.

Alumni Council/Alumni Association Reports: Julie Bradshaw reported on how impressed she is by new BSU President, Paul Ferguson. The Cardinal Commitment Campaign concludes on December 31, 2014, and all alumni are encouraged to make a contribution to the campaign to take advantage of the BSU Alumni Association’s matching gift opportunity. She reported that the BSUAA Bylaw Changes were accepted at the September 13 Alumni Council meeting. Julie reported on the research and recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee on Chapters/Networks/Clubs, proceeding with the addition of six new Networks in LA, San Diego, San Francisco, New York City, D.C., and Atlanta. Julie also reported on the creation of a Young Alumni Council, which may be helpful in recruiting some fresh, young graduates to chapter and network boards.

Other Business: Brenda thanked everyone for their support and prayers during the passing of her father and through her brother’s illness.

Next Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. Location tentatively set for Scotty’s Brewhouse Downtown.

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