Alumni Council Responsibilities


1. Promote, foster, and assist the Alumni Council, the governing body of the Alumni Association in implementing its duties and responsibilities (Article II, Section 2, A-G of the Constitution.

2. Be an active member of the Alumni Association. Active membership is obtained by making an annual contribution to Ball State University through the Ball State University Foundation.

3. Attend all meetings of the Alumni Council.

4. Serve on Alumni Council committees as assigned.

5. Participate in alumni events and programs.

6. Serve as a liaison and interactive member of any alumni group represented.

7. Advise, counsel, and give of time and talent to the advancement of Ball State University.

8. Foster, among Ball State alumni, a feeling of camaraderie with each other and the university.

9. Serve as a resource person for Ball State University.

10. Serve as a promoter of Ball State University and be knowledgeable about its goals, programs, and mission.

11. Assist academic or administrative areas of Ball State University as requested