Meeting Minutes

CAP Alumni Society Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Conference Call
January 17, 2014

Members present: C
atherine Baker, Joshua Desmond, Heather Graninger, Tracy Hendricks, Louise Jackson, Rebecca Leonard, John Marron, MJ Meneley, Michel Mounayar,  Lori Pence, Larry Roan,  Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco,  and Laura Waldron.

Call to order
The meeting was called to order at 12:07 p.m. by president Catherine Baker.  Baker recognized Larry Roan as vice president. She also thanked Heather Graninger, MJ Meneley, JP Hall, and John Marron for continuing with an additional term in 2014.

Meeting Minutes
Minutes from the October 25, 2013 meeting were unanimously approved after a motion to approve by Rebecca Leonard and a second from John Marron.

Dean’s Update
Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco reported that President Gora will be retiring on June 30 after ten years as president. The search committee has been holding meetings on campus to determine the profile of the next president. The committee is led by CAP graduate R. Wayne Estopinal and includes representatives from the board of trustees, the provost’s office, and faculty, staff, and service personnel. There is one dean on the committee – Michael Maggiotto, College of Sciences and Humanities.  The plan is for the next president to be in place by July 1.  

Subcommittees working on the academic plan are coming back together. It is unclear if their work will be complete before President Gora retires. The Campus Master Plan is being coordinated with the academic plan and presentations are being made to the cabinet on a few areas. CAP graduate program expansion into Indianapolis is one of those plans. The college is working on numbers with the budget office to determine interest and feasibility.

The Senior Student Survey provided positive feedback for the college. CAP graduates are most likely to be satisfied with the quality of teaching and instruction at Ball State and in their major. In other news, all CAP programs were reaccredited.

The Faculty and Student Symposium is April 2. All alumni and friends are invited to attend.

CAP 50th Anniversary Celebration
Vasquez de Velasco referred the board to the sample survey and Anniversary Planning Committee meeting minutes from January 13 that he submitted to the board prior to the meeting. There were a variety of options related to event opportunities. Board discussion related to the pros and cons of a spring versus fall symposium and how to balance spring anniversary festivities with student participation (i.e., spring break and project deadlines). Concerns were also shared regarding alumni participation in the spring because families have a variety of spring break dates. Additionally, concerns were raised that a fall event might be in potential conflict with inauguration festivities planned for the new president.

Ultimately, the board agreed that it might be best to focus on one time period, versus trying to bring alumni back to campus multiple times.  Vasquez de Velasco noted that faculty had shared similar concerns and thought that bringing alumni to campus once, for two days, might be the best option. It is hoped that the alumni survey may assist with potential spring dates and which types of events are the most appealing. This is not a vote, just a means to gauge opportunities (i.e., Thursday lecture, Friday symposium and dinner, and Saturday reunion; format; expectations). Discussion confirmed leaning towards option three, with celebration efforts focused on the spring – the Sappenfield Celebration of Life, Sappenfield Guest Lecture, Alumni Symposium, Faculty and Student Symposium, and 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Roan made a motion to support option three, Leonard seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Next Meeting
The next conference call will be held on Friday, April 18, at noon EST.  Call-in instructions will be sent that week.

The meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Laura Waldron

CAP Alumni Society Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 
College of Architecture and Planning
October 25, 2013

Members present: Catherine Baker, Craig Farnsworth, Tracy Hendricks, Louise Jackson, Rebecca Leonard, John Marron, MJ Meneley, Michel Mounayar,  Lori Pence, Larry Roan, Karl Sonneberg, Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco,  Laura Waldron, and Dan Woodfin. 

Call to order
The meeting was called to order at 1:35 p.m. by president John Marron.   Alumni Association liaisons, Tracy Hendricks and Laura Waldron, were introduced. 

Meeting Minutes
Minutes submitted by Lori Pence from the July 19, 2013 meeting were unanimously approved after a motion to approve by Larry Roan and second by Marron. 

Heather Graninger, MJ Meneley, JP Hall, and John Marron renewed their expiring alumni society terms; Marron had secured agreements from them prior to the meeting. President-elect Catherine Baker will take office after this meeting and Marron will serve as past president.  Marron opened the floor for vice president/president-elect nominations, noting that the position manages the awards process/committee and serves in an advisory role to president. As the society switches between disciplines, the new vice president should be a landscape architecture alumnus.  Marron nominated Alumni Council representative Larry Roan, who said he was happy to accept the nomination. With no other nominations from the floor, Roan was elected 2014 vice president/2015 president. 

Dean’s Update
Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco encouraged the board to review the CAP annual report to better understand how CAP supports, and aligns with, the university’s strategic plan (i.e., community outreach).  CAP has a strong identity with a very distinctive immersive learning program and is unique in that faculty, not graduate assistants, are teaching courses.  In terms of an academic strategic plan, the university is looking at a new college and at moving programs between colleges, potentially better integrating professors/programs. Campus planning includes talk of a multidisciplinary immersive learning hub to help develop student projects.  

The November 4, 2013 Sappenfield lecturer is Daniel Libeskind, international architect and designer.  Vasquez de Velasco noted that Libeskind is more than just structure and steel, he builds places where encounters happen. CAP embraces that element of identity – CAP is a significant place where encounters happen. The Geothermal Conclave is November 7. CAP’s 50th Anniversary is March 23, 2015 (creation/signed). CAP will celebrate the anniversary during all of 2015. 

CAP 50th Anniversary
Karl Sonneberg reported that the anniversary committee wants the festivities to celebrate the success of the school and its positive influence on communities (i.e., Indianapolis), as well as looking toward CAP’s future. The committee would like a large crowd and wants alumni and friends to see the significance of the college’s accomplishments. A faculty committee has also been established to generate ideas for the 50-Year festivities. The alumni committee plans to work parallel with the faculty group.  Roan said the anniversary’s emphasis should be on relationships and the people – like an all-college reunion. The opportunity to reconnect will resonate with many and should be emphasized, along with other worthy objectives, to reach broadest audience possible. Vasquez de Velasco said that while a theme is not a must, it might help.  There may be a call for submission of potential themes and he will see if a theme emerges from alumni, faculty, staff, and students. If a theme is found, CAP will ask for a vote to establish said theme.  For instance, Roan likened the events to a family reunion, and alumni can be addressed as a family coming home to CAP.  This reconnection could be the theme – or it may relate to service in Indiana. Many things can be considered for the theme. 

Items to consider regarding the anniversary’s structure: Is March a good time for the event? Should there be a banquet one evening and a social event the next night? A Friday and Saturday combination? If CAP combines the awards and symposium there will be no fall 2014 event – all would be concentrated with the spring anniversary.  After much discussion, a majority valued the idea of the symposium on Friday and a social activity on Saturday. Alumni and friends can decide if they want to attend some or all of the events.  Catherine Baker suggested reserving space in different areas where various class years could congregate. Marron suggested dividing up by discipline.  

Vasquez de Velasco said he would request that alumni send 150 words describing significant encounters in CAP – emotional, pragmatic encounters. Individual cards will then be used to create a timeline in history of CAP. The college will be able to see which alumni are back and what was significant in different periods of time. 

Jackson suggested when asking alumni about theme, find out if they will actually come back.  In addition, she asked if there was a fundraising goal for the 50-Year as it is a great opportunity.  As the college works to increase giving percentages, the 50-Year might be a nice draw. Vasquez de Velasco said that CAP has very engaged alumni who give back to campus, even if it is not necessarily monetary. Discussion ensued regarding the balance of fundraising in conjunction with the 50 Year. Most prefer the focus remain on bringing alumni back to campus in large numbers. 

50-Year Promotion/Awareness 
Vasquez de Velasco had several suggestions for drawing campus attention to the building for the 50-Year celebration, including banners and balloons. Additionally, there is a desire to publicize the anniversary to other universities and to raise program visibility and awareness that CAP is not a new school.  Sonnenberg added that construction firms are also supportive of architectural schools quite often.  Roan agreed. Michel Mounayar added that it is also important to raise awareness among industry professionals through meetings and conventions. Baker suggested connecting with alumni at the AIA Convention in Chicago. Jackson said planning should begin now if that is an interest – ditto for any hometown tours and for securing sponsorships. 

There was much discussion about the next promotional steps.  Vasquez de Velasco will draft an outreach message and/or survey (i.e., Survey Monkey) to alumni explaining the celebration, requesting theme ideas, what it would take to get alumni to return, memories/significant encounter project, etc. After alumni are contacted by CAP, board members can then follow-up with their respective audiences and friends on social media, conventions, meetings, and so forth. Board members should encourage friends and colleagues to respond to the survey and spread the word about the anniversary celebration as the invitation may mean more coming from a friend/colleague. It was requested that faculty and staff also follow up with their respective networks.  Rebecca Leonard suggested when the memories and cards are returned, maybe they could be compartmentalized into some sessions during the symposium – addictions, romances, or something fun. Vasquez de Velasco likes the suggestion.  

It is hoped that this initial communication will go out before the end of the semester.

Upcoming Meetings
Marron reported Friday meeting dates for phone conferences on January 17, April 18, July 18, and October 18 (or 24 depending on symposium) at noon EST. The October meeting will be held in person, date determined by the symposium. Vasquez de Velasco suggested it might be beneficial for other meetings to be held in person due to anniversary planning. Marron said it could be tried with a small group. Lori Pence will email the dates to confirm that it works for most. 

Marron thanked everyone for the last year. He is very appreciative of all the work everyone has done, especially Lori.   The meeting adjourned at 3:17 p.m.