Family and Consumer Sciences Alumni Society Board of Directors Meeting
October 2, 2013 - Allegre

Members Present
Amy Grasso, Sotiris Hji-Avgoustis, Tracy Hendricks, Jackie Johnston, Laura Mickler, Jama Montgomery, Joyce Vance, Kate VanDePutte, and Laura Waldron

Call to Order and Introductions
The meeting was called to order by President Laura Mickler at 12:20 p.m. Department chair, Sotiris Hji-Avgoustis, and alumni association representatives, Tracy Hendricks and Laura Waldron, were welcomed to the board.

The minutes from the January 23, 2013 meeting were unanimously approved as amended. Johnston had corrected a typo in her name.

Department Update
Hji-Avgoustis reported on the building renovations that are set to begin in the spring semester. Plans call for increased kitchen and Allegre space, movement of faculty offices, and overall improvement of space. The department is adding a faculty member in January and hopes to recruit two more in the coming months. He noted that the goal is to have over 1,000 students across the seven majors. Hji-Avgoustis added that he is meeting with industry professionals to learn more about industry trends and needs.

Montgomery and Johnston listed several project ideas for the department to consider.  Johnston suggested that the department write and publish the history of the department (as some areas have done), finish compiling Mary Beeman’s handwritten recipes and cleaning tips, or combine the two into one book. She also suggested a departmental timeline could be created like TC has done. Montgomery asked the board members to write a letter about their personal experiences in the department and to send her photos. History is more than dates, it is people, and she is compiling this data. In addition, Johnston asked if the department could encourage fashion design students to work on a Ball State logo fabric. The fabric would be made available only by ordering through the department and would help the costume collection (or related area) raise funds. 

It was also suggested that the department utilize social media and a departmental newsletter to help connect students and alumni.  

Alumni Council Report
Johnston was unable to attend the September 7, 2013 meeting of the Alumni Council and deferred to Hendricks for the report.  Hendricks stated that the Council has moved to a consent agenda in order to move meetings along and allow time for special guests and presentations.  Also at the meeting, the chairperson of the Homecoming Steering Committee gave a presentation, as did John Fallon and Provost Terry King.  Provost King also conducted a workshop on what it means to be an alumnus of Ball State University and what their expectations are from the university.  The Alumni Council also voted to accept Vice President for Advancement Hudson Akin as a voting member of the Council. Regarding services, the affinity license plate continues to show growth with those funds going toward legacy scholarships. The next meeting of the Alumni Council is January 18, 2014.

FCS Alumni Society Discussion
Hendricks stated that she wanted to learn more about the goals of the alumni society and opened discussion up to the board.  VanDePutte said that as a student she was not involved with alumni or the society. She would like to increase her involvement with students and to connect students and alumni. Johnston agreed and said that the society has always wanted more interactions with students. She suggested that this was a good opportunity to invite department faculty to a meeting. Faculty can bring the society up to date on programs and may bring a student to the meeting to interact with the alumni society.  The board discussed a variety of ways to connect with current students, including via social media and by speaking to classes and student organizations.  Grasso, Mickler, and VanDePutte all volunteered to speak to students.  There was also much discussion about reviving Career Mentoring Day, assuming that faculty support is there. 

100 Year Anniversary (2017)
The board requested that Hji-Avgoustis share any suggestions about how the alumni society can be involved with the 100 Year Anniversary festivities.

Johnston requested that the awards program return to being an annual event. Mickler, Grasso, and Montgomery agreed to serve on a subcommittee to pursue award nominations.  Hendricks noted that the awards dinner and a social event should be held in different seasons to increase attendance. Johnston suggested that the awards dinner coincide with other department or community events, i.e., the fashion show.

Social/Networking Activity
Mickler requested that the society look into hosting a social activity at The Fox and Hound. This event had been planned previously and was canceled. As before, there would be a $10 charge to cover the first beverage and appetizers. The board agreed to pursue this opportunity in November.  (After the meeting, Hendricks confirmed the social for November 19 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at The Fox and Hound, 14490 Lowes Way, Carmel.)

Nominations from the floor were taken for vice president, a term that expires on 12/31/14. Johnston nominated Montgomery, who accepted. With no further nominations, Mickler appointed Montgomery vice president.  Grasso, Hennenfent, Hill, and VanDePutte have membership terms that expire 12/31/13. Grasso and VanDePutte renewed their terms. Mickler will contact with Hennenfent and Hill to determine their interest in remaining on the board.

Adjournment and Next Meeting
The next meeting of the FCS Alumni Society will be January 22, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.  Mickler will look into utilizing the Indianapolis Center and will arrange a carpool for those who are traveling from Muncie. In the case of inclement weather or scheduling conflicts, Hendricks will reserve a room in the Alumni Center.The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Waldron