Miller College of Business Alumni Society


The purpose of the Society shall be to stimulate interest in the educational, professional, and social interests of business and industry, individually and collectively by:

  • Developing a wide acquaintance and fellowship among the members of the Association and the faculty of the College of Business.
  • Providing a forum for the consideration of problems pertaining to business and industry and requests for services to the mutual benefit of the faculty and members of the Association.
  • Taking joint action when and where needed for further improvement of the status of the profession in the field and the professional offerings and services of the College of Business.
  • Encouraging high standards for the College of Business and working for the recognition of the importance of business in the social order of this country.
  • Serving as an auxiliary arm of the College of Business in:
  • Providing input from the business community on what that community views as desirable in graduates and recommending courses of study that would help achieve that goal;
  • Being involved in the recruitment of students and funding for the College of Business;
  • Serving as a sounding board and advisory panel on College of Business concerns when consulted.

Governing Board

  • Tim Pierce '89, President
  • Vacant, Vice President
  • Ed Armantrout, '01, Alumni Council Representative
  • Rajib Sanyal, Dean
  • Sushil Sharma, Associate Dean
  • Chelsea Kulesa, Student Representative
  • Julie Stroh, Associate Vice President of Alumni Programs / President, Ball State University Alumni Association
  • David Abernathy, '81
  • Nora Bammann '84
  • Kevin Dougherty '92
  • Tammy Estep '86 MBA '92, Ex-Officio Member
  • Ray Ferguson, '70
  • Todd Haines, '81 
  • Steve Imler, '69
  • Cory Spaulding, '06 MBA '09

Alumni Association Contacts 
Sue Taylor, Director of Alumni Collegiate Relations
Deanna Zimmer, Program Coordinator

Annual Activities
MCOB Alumni Awards Program
Business Alumni Receptions 
Dialogue Days
Cardinal Business Forum

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