Student Alumni Relations Team

Student Alumni Relations TeamThe Student Alumni Relations Team (St.A.R.T.) is an official university student organization, sponsored by the Ball State University Alumni Association to promote relations between alumni and students.  

St.A.R.T. members volunteer at various alumni events, including Homecoming, regional alumni outings, reunions, pregame football rallies, and more! St.A.R.T. members plan and implement the annual Graduation Celebration, which is an afternoon to congratulate graduating seniors, and the St.A.R.T. Finals Survival Kits each semester.

St.A.R.T. members have many opportunities to:

  • network with alumni
  • develop leadership skills
  • enhance career opportunities
  • increase campus involvement
  • improve communication skills
  • meet new people

Each member is assigned to a committee which coordinates different events and programs. St.A.R.T. meets every other Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. at the Alumni Center.

Student Alumni Relations Team


Julie Bloom Zach Bruner Lucy Clements Casey Constable

 Julie Bloom

 Zach Bruner

 Lucy Clements

 Casey Constable

Katie DeBoy Hanna Dittrich Emma Floit Jessica Fry

 Katie DeBoy

 Hanna Dittrich

 Emma Floit

 Jessica Fry

Evan Garmon photonotavailable Mollie Smith photonotavailable

Evan Garmon

Deidre Gilson

Mollie Gladish

Jake Griffin
photonotavailable Mollie Hamilton Hannah Maupin Samantha Pickens
Abbie Guthrie
Mollie Hamilton
Hannah Maupin
Samantha Pickens
Casey Prins Malachi Randolph Jase Schoenherr Courtney Stetzel
Casey Prins

Malachi Randolph
Vice President

Jase Schoenherr

 Courtney Stetzel
Public Relations Chair

Matlin Wean-Ray Abby Wietbrock Katie Wietbrock Erica Wurst

Matlin Wean-Ray

Abby Wietbrock

Katie Wietbrock

Erica Wurst

Kate Webber Julie Eastes photonotavailable  

 Kate Webber

Julie Eastes
Aroma Zhang