Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Present: Julie Bloom, Zach Bruner, Katie DeBoy, Hanna Dittrich, Emma Floit, Evan Garmon, Deidre Gilson, Elizabeth Hibbler, Rebecca Luebcke, Jordan Oppelt, Samantha Pickens, Malachi Randolph, Jase Schoenherr, Mollie Smith, Courtney Stetzel, Abby Wietbrock

Excused: Ben Fredrickson, Dannie Grant, Mollie Hamilton, Hannah Maupin, Jessica Sweney, Erica Wurst

Unexcused: Casey Prins

Special Guests: Dr. Ron Kaitchuck, BSU Planetarium Director; Darleen Lugenbuhl, University Development; Melissa Daniels, University Development

Presentation at BSU Planetarium
Dr. Ron Kaitchuck met our group at the Planetarium and provided information on the proposed new Planetarium. Darleen Lugenbuhl and Melissa Daniels, both with University Development, provided information about the fundraising aspect of the project. The new facility will be much more visible to students and the community and will serve as a tourist attraction in addition to its educational purposes. Seating will double in capacity and the dome will be increased by more than 20 feet diameter (you will need to travel to Chicago to dome as big!) The new digital projector will be state of the art.

There will be a lobby entrance to the Planetarium, in which our senior gift will come into play…we are aiming to raise money for a kiosk in the center of the lobby, which will proudly boast a ‘Class of 2013’ sign if we reach our goal. About $3 million of the total $4.6 million needed has been raised so far. Every penny we get will help!

Please be sure to promote this project to the seniors you know who are graduating! Any amount will be accepted as their senior gift (and will count towards their first alumni gift!), but we will target a $20.13 gift per person minimum. Please remember that the Alumni Association will match all senior gifts dollar-for-dollar! (i.e., if they give $10, the BSUAA will give $10 and the donor will receive credit for a $20 gift).

Homecoming 2013
Nominate Homecoming Royalty King and Queen Candidates
• The group nominated Ben Fredrickson for the king candidate (Ben, please let me know if you are interested/accept this nomination)
• Jessica Sweney and Emma Floit were nominated for our queen candidates (please also let me know if you accept your nominations!)
• We will hold a vote via e-mail once I hear back from all candidates

Class of 2013 Senior Celebration (please note date and time change)
Thursday, May 1, 2013, 4-7 p.m., Alumni Center – MANDATORY!
• Seniors can collect raffle tickets at each station they visit and “better their chances” to win one of our prize packs.
• We have confirmed Chris Wilkey as our DJ and will set up lawn games outside, weather permitting
• Charlie Cardinal has been requested
• Materials should be ready soon from Marketing & Communications
• Can someone set up a Facebook page for the event?
• Layout for the day – stations we will have set up include:
• Career Center – they will assist with ID swipe registration and nametags
• Liberty Mutual insurance
• Social Media/Technology –contests/drawings given each half hour to those who follow BSUAA on FB/Twitter
• Senior Class Gift – seniors can make their donation electronically
• Alumni ID Card – upstairs in our office for those who want them
• General information table – license plates, other services offered

• Decoration ideas – lots of balloons! Put the large flags out in the entrance walkway…Open House feel…
• T-Shirts – Ball State alumni, red for seniors
• Send Kate your availability for the day of the party
• Information tables – Elizabeth will arrange for space in the Atrium April 30 and May 1 (12-2 p.m.) for us to give tickets/info on the party
• Ticket pick-up – sign-up sheets available for the week of the party (ticket distribution in the office). Tickets can be picked up starting on April 15. (most people come the last few days before the party).

• Sponsors…Instead of doing lots of little giveaways, we will promote several bigger ticket item prize packs. We need volunteers to get donations (money and/or merchandise). We will include sponsor names on signage we will have made to display at the party.
• Athletics – Katie
• CVC – Courtney
• Emens – Jordan
• BSU Bookstore – Elizabeth
• TCOM, HFMA – Hanna
• SGA – Malachi
• Glick Center for Glass – Evan
• Other areas we need volunteers to ask: TIS Bookstore, Al Rent in University Advancement, other ideas? (Homecoming weekend, etc.)

Survival Kits
• Orders are due Friday, April 19 and are $25 each
• Currently have 30 orders (low) – keep spreading the word!!
• We will assemble at April 24 meeting and deliver 4/24-4/26. Pending the amount of orders we receive, we may meet at 7:30 a.m. for this meeting.

Upcoming Activities
• Indy Theatre Outing – April 18 (just need one: Casey, Mollie, Jessica)
• NREM Awards Dinner – April 19
• Nursing Reunion – April 27
• Picnic on the Green – June 8
• More summer events on sign-up sheet

Announcements/Other Business
• Fall Activity Fair – we decided we would like to do this again. 6-8 p.m. on August 17 (Saturday before classes begin) – we will need volunteers to work our booth!
• Elections at next meeting- please send Kate any nominations for positions (or if you are interested in running for one). Below are the descriptions for each position:
The President of St.A.R.T. will:
• Work with the advisors to create an agenda for each of the meetings
• Conduct each meeting
• Have the authority to appoint committees as they are needed for services, programs, and special events
• Be on the selection committee for the Robert E. Linson scholarship (requires attendance at one meeting in June and reviewing applications)

The Vice President/Treasurer of St.A.R.T. will:
• Act as liaison between any appointed committees and the executive committee, including but not limited to, the annual Senior Congrats Party and Finals Survival Kits each semester
• Be responsible for transacting, recording, reporting, and evaluating all financial matters of St.A.R.T., if necessary
• Preside over meetings in the absence of the president

The Secretary of St.A.R.T. will:
• Take minutes at each meeting and e-mail them to the advisor for publishing
• Be responsible for any other recording, compiling, and disseminating of organizational information
• Serve as historian of the group by taking photos at events, etc.
• Be responsible for purchasing member birthday treats and special occasion items as needed by the group

The Public Relations Chair of St.A.R.T. will:
• Be the liaison between St.A.R.T. and the Daily News, submitting all advertising to the paper on the group’s behalf (for recruitment, Senior Congrats, Survival Kits, etc.)
• Be responsible for all advertising and promotion pertaining to the Student Alumni Relations Team
• Post and distribute flyers across campus, visit Hall Council, etc.
• Serve as the Homecoming Liaison for St.A.R.T.
• Be responsible for taking meeting minutes in the absence of the secretary

The New Member Coordinator of St.A.R.T. will:
• Lead the selection process of recruitment each semester
• Serve as a mentor and student contact to the new members
• Assign current members as mentors to new members
• Contact each new applicant via phone or e-mail to let them know that they have been selected/have not been selected to St.A.R.T.

*This list may not be all-inclusive, but is a general representation of duties

• Linson Scholarship – application available online at:  
• Announcements from the group:
o Kate will bring thank you notes to the next meeting for those of you who would like to give them to our Cardinal Coffee Club regulars.
o Good luck to Laura who is due to have her baby this weekend!!  Can’t wait to meet him!

Spring Meeting Dates: April 10 (Cardinal Coffee Club), April 24 (Assemble Survival Kits)

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