Bed Race

Congratulations to our 2015 Bed Race Winners!

Residence Hall Female: Botsford/Swinford
Residence Hall Male: Botsford/Swinford
Independent Female: University Singers
Independent Male: Epsilon Sigma Alpha/Delta Gamma Iota
Fraternity: Lambda Chi Alpha
Sorority: Kappa Delta
Faculty/Staff: Modern Languages and Classics
OVERALL: Modern Languages and Classics

It's time again for one of Homecoming's most exciting traditions! The Bed Race will take place on Friday, October 2, at Noon on Riverside Avenue. Each Bed Race team consists of five people – four pushing the bed, and one riding on it. Teams will compete against the clock, two teams at a time, on a 100-yard course.

Bed Race Entry Form

Entry fee is $25 for the first team, and $20 for each additional team. Plaques are given to the first place team in each division.  A trophy is also given to the team with the best costume and overall winner. 

Entry forms are due at the Events Registration Table, located in the Atrium, on Thursday, September 17, between 9am-4pm.

Bed Race Bed Race Bed Race

Bed Race Rules:

  • A five-second penalty will be charged to a team’s time if its bed goes out of the boundaries designated for the race. 
  • Each team will be paired with another team to compete in the heats. The division will alternate turns. (Competition will be against the clock.)
  • The teams with the fastest times in each division will advance to the final competition and race again for the overall title. 
  • Teams should stay after they race to find out if they race for the overall title. The best times in each division will race again to determine the overall winner.
Bed Race Bed Race Bed Race

For additional information, contact the Homecoming Office, (765) 285-7051 or