The success of the program depends entirely upon the way business is conducted between the consultant and participant. There are some guidelines to ensure success of the program.

This program is to be used in a professional manner and is solely based on the need for career assistance. The contact list of career consultants may only be used for networking purposes in the following areas:

  • job/career information 
  • relocation information 
  • graduate school information 
  • internship/co-op information

Any other use of the contact list is a violation of the principles set forth in the guidelines of CAN and will result in termination of all privileges to take part.

The career consultant is to provide various levels of support to alumni seeking career direction. Consultants may determine the extent to which they desire to participate. Some of the ways in which career consultants may participate include:

  • serving as an informational/interviewing contact regarding their occupations, describing their organizations, and offering job search advice
  • providing participants with the names and relevant information regarding other people/employers for possible contact
  • participating in presentations or discussion panels either on campus or regionally
  • providing information to alumni who are relocating to a new city or region
  • hosting visits for relocating Ball State University alumni

CAN may not be used under any circumstances for advertising or solicitation purposes. Any use of this nature will result in termination of all privileges related to the program.

As a participant or consultant of CAN, you are entitled to all privileges of the program.

If you are interested in becoming a career consultant or participant, please sign up through the alumni registry.