Spring 2013 Projects

Spring 2013 Projects

Building a Muncie Downtown Business Recruitment Strategy

The Muncie Downtown Development Board will be announcing a new branding campaign in the spring of 2013 and its Business Recruitment subcommittee is hoping to develop a recruitment package to give to prospective business owners interested in re-locating to downtown Muncie, Idiana. The students canvassed the downtown retailers to determine the number of downtown housing units and their availability and gathered a great deal of demographic information. This information will be used by the Downtown Development Partnership for the development of a brochure to help recruit potential retail prospects.


Educational Games Inspired by Museums

Games can provide a motivating context for learning.  This project explored the intersection of games, design, fun and learning.  A multidisciplinary student team designed and developed an educational board game about the Middle Mississippians at Angel Mounds and video game based on the exhibits at the Indiana State Museum. Students worked on game design, game programming and video game development to develop prototypes.

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Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting for the City of Bloomington, IN

This student team created a report that presents the city’s environmental, economic and social impacts as defined by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. These guidelines were selected because they can be used by any type of organization and are the dominant ones used by the largest 250 global companies.

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iGovernment: A Greener Approach to State Legislation

After the success of last year's iPad project, the Indiana General Assembly doubled the number of paperless committees to four, including the House Ways and Means committee. During the 2013 session, Ball State students and staff provided personalized iPad support to legislators and submitted their suggestions for improvement to LSA.


Indy Parks:  Teen Environmental Awareness and Participation Research

Ball State Natural Resource and Environmental Management (NREM) students, with the support of Building Better Communities Fellows, produced project proposals for Indy Parks & Recreation. Acknowledging the need to reach the often overlooked teenage population and provide opportunities that encourage outdoor recreation, environmental stewardship and civic involvement, the City of Indianapolis enjoyed receiving creative and innovative ideas from BSU students.

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Mentorship and the Innovation Connector:  A Gateway for Business Assistance

This team put into action the strategic mentoring initiative it developed in the fall for the Innovation Connector.  The Innovation Connector, a small business incubator, is hosting this unique program that brings small business owners and leaders into contact with each other and local resources such as SCORE, the Muncie/Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, and the Business Growth Council, to mention a few.  Students organized the entire kickoff event, all publicity, social media, website, and logistics.  Students also presented at functions such as Rotary meetings and Muncie on the Move breakfasts, and canvased the community to personally talk with small business owners and leaders and invite them to the event.

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Modeling Urban Form: Expressions of the Operational State of Design-For-Sustainability

Modeling of urban form has provided an opportunity to test the potential effect/influence of social, economic and environmental constraints in the development of built environments.  To address this problem, students in this project partnered with the Ball State University Academy for Sustainability and used a prototype urban form as a starting point for exploration of the influence and impact of social, economic and environmental criteria.  Running through a series of exercises, students built an inventory/history of design-decision-making tied to a deeper understanding of social, economic and environmental factors.  Students then developed the more finalized set of integrated expressions of design-for-sustainability at the urban scale.

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Nature Play: Responsible Design for Environmental Learning

Research shows that children who play in and explore natural environments adapt conservation and sustainability values as adults. In his book, Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv documents the lack of connections between today’s children and the natural world, coining the term “nature-deficit disorder” to describe the effect of this deficiency on the lives of today’s “wired” generation. The purpose of this BBC project was to create a nature-based playscape for 300 children and staff at the Head Start early childhood education program in Muncie, Indiana and to develop simulation workshops for the training of designers and educators in the use and construction of nature-based play environments. Students designed fourteen activity settings surrounding an outdoor learning and research pavilion.  They also conducted six simulations as an exploration and facilitated design/build/plant by the community and students.

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Project Leadership and Ball State Partnership

Students partnered with the Project Leadership program to streamline their assessment and tracking processes through data collection and database development. This sociology class engaged in data entry and analysis to create solutions that will help the community partner to build on the program’s success.


Space Planning and Interior Design of Easter Seals Crossroads

The primary goal of this project was to provide Easter Seals Crossroads with a variety of design choices for the interior of their Indianapolis facility.   Students analyzed existing building space, foot traffic patterns, daylight, ergonomics, productivity and other relevant data when drafting a wide assortment of options for the client.


Space Planning and Interior Design of Ontario Systems

The primary goal of this project was to provide Ontario Systems, LLC with a variety of design choices for the interior of the Muncie facility. The community partner was able to choose design ideas from one project or gather ideas from multiple projects for implementation.

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The S.P.O.T. Program of Brown County: Serving Pets Outreach Team

Brown County’s pet overpopulation is four times the national average.  The population of cats and dogs is a growing problem in Indiana and across the Midwest.  The primary cause is due to animal owners failing to spay or neuter their dogs and cats.  The Brown County Humane Society has developed the S.P.O.T. Program to combat this issue and to reduce the number of stray animals in Brown County.  This outreach program partnered with a low-cost animal clinic to provide education and affordable spay/neuter services to residents.  The S.P.O.T. Program had already achieved great success in Brown County, but needed promotional videos created in order to increase awareness and to disseminate the program model nationwide.

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TEAMwork for Quality Living and Poverty Awareness Year Ambassadors

TEAMwork for Quality Living (TQL), a nonprofit organization located in Muncie, IN, in conjunction with 51 local organizations, is promoting 2013 as Poverty Awareness Year.  TQL is serving as the project manager in this ambitious initiative. This team of students worked on a variety of programs including a social media campaign, an analysis of outdated job descriptions, a Volunteer Appreciation Kit, a Personal Care Items Drive, event evaluations and a balloon launch for Child Abuse Awareness month. Students also received Understanding People in Poverty training, participated in community service, attended a Poverty Simulation, and Circles© programs.

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Visit Indiana

The Indiana Office of Tourism Development has been working with Ball State University to develop an online travel-motivating video series to showcase on This program was developed 3 years ago as part of Building Better Communities.  For this semester's project, the Indiana Glass Trail was chosen.  Five different trail assets are featured from around the state.  The video was acquired, compiled and edited by students into the final 90-second video product to be utilized in the Trip Ideas section of

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Voices of Growth:  The Changing Food-scape of East Central Indiana

In collaboration with Indiana Public Radio, student teams developed storylines, collected interviews, wrote scripts, and edited pieces for final broadcast on IPR focusing on the issues of food, farming and sustainable food systems in East Central Indiana. Given the project’s need for multiple skill sets, students from several disciplines including natural resources, communication studies, journalism, health and nutrition, hospitality, English and anthropology participated. Students interviewed farmers, business owners, residents, and agricultural professionals in ECI to enrich and provide authenticity for their stories.

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