Open Projects

Fall 2014

Environmental Exploration and Multimedia Storytelling: Researching and Documenting Water Quality in the Mississinewa River
In light of societal needs for an increased engagement in STEM (science, engineering, technology, and math) and awareness of water resources, this immersive learning course focuses upon the public understanding of science and comprises a collaboration of students from multimedia production and the natural sciences. Students collect a range of water-quality data from local waterways and develop multimedia products that address the scientific and education mission of our community partners, FlatLand Resources and Red Tail Land Conservancy. Through teamwork, students are expected to acquire defendable scientific results, conduct interviews with stakeholders, and generate multimedia products. Students then synthesize their information and disseminate their deliverables to a public audience of consultants, regulators, and landowners.

For more information, contact Adam Kuban, Department of Journalism, and Lee Florea, Department of Geological Sciences. Apply now!

Head Start of Delaware County
Head Start's mission is to foster healthy development in low-income children. Students involved in the Head Start project will plan and produce a promotional campaign for Head Start of Delaware County that uses local television, radio, print, and social media. The campaign's goal is to promote Head Start's services to eligible families while improving fundraising and increasing “in-kind” donations to the organization. Students with expertise in telecommunications, graphic design, advertising, marketing, public relations, and elementary education are encouraged to apply.

For more information, contact Paige Waters or Miao Guo, Department of Telecommunications. Apply now!

Innovation Connector Entrepreneurship Initiative Development - Fall 2014 - Spring 2015
This project seeks a two semester commitment to help the Innovation Connector (IC), a small business incubator in Muncie. As IC Ambassadors students will assist in designing print, advertising, and marketing materials, video production and event planning for multiple initiatives and events.

For more information, contact Peggy Fisher, Department of Communication Studies. Apply now!

Meals and Memories on Wheels
This project team will work with Meals on Wheels of Muncie Inc., a community program designed to deliver meals to homebound persons unable to prepare their own balanced meals. Students will create a website that presents videos and graphic content telling the stories of those served and providing an understanding of what encourages those who serve to make driving through all kinds of weather to get hot meals to those who need them. This course is useful for students in telecommunications, gerontology, social work, adult and community education, and psychology but is open to students from any discipline.

For more information, contact Michael Lee or Maria Williams-Hawkins, Department of Telecommunications. Apply now!

Mobile Learning at the Indianapolis International Airport and Solar Farm
Let's envision and develop a model for a mobile learning system about the solar farm at the Indianapolis International Airport (IND). Wireless technology—smartphones and tablets—coupled with engaging resources can place learning opportunities into the hands of visitors and employees who can capitalize upon wait time. Throughout this project, students will envision, propose, and develop strategies for mobile learning about the sustainability initiatives of the Indianapolis Airport Authority and its partners. Participants will make design decisions related to information dissemination and create original media content about sustainability initiatives, such as the solar farm, LEED-certified structure, energy conservation, storm water management, and recycling. The project will begin during fall 2014, but continue to grow and develop over the course of several semesters. Undergraduate and graduate students from technology, digital storytelling, education, journalism, computer science, natural resources and environmental management, and related disciplines are invited to apply!

For more information, contact Mary Annette Rose, Department of Technology. Apply now!

The Greening of Middletown, USA
The goal of this project is to support the efforts of Sustainable Indiana 2016, an organization dedicated to discovering, cataloging, and celebrating Hoosier-based climate solutions as a bicentennial legacy. We will do this by sending teams of Ball State students to various key neighborhoods around the city of Muncie to shoot, direct, and produce documentaries and videos to be used in social media campaigns and other platforms. The videos will showcase a diverse set of narratives, highlighting a variety of sustainability initiatives and exhibiting the concept of sustainability in the city of Muncie, Indiana. Through the lens of "Middletown," the project will showcase the basic tenets of sustainability that can be applied across Indiana and beyond. Over the span of two semesters, a longer documentary will be also be compiled from the footage acquired and be used as part of Indiana’s bicentennial celebration. Students with production skills will be essential to this project, but students from a variety of disciplines (with an interest in sustainability) are encouraged to apply.

For more information, contact Rod Smith or Jeanette Castillo, Department of Telecommunications.  Apply now!

Yount's Mill
Examine archaeological artifacts, build a museum exhibit, or write a book about Yount’s Mill a pre-Civil War industrial mill town. Tell the story of immigrants, women, and children who worked in the mills. Unravel the mysteries of the mill town. Why did the mill close? Did they really make Civil War uniforms there? Did the immigrants come from textile communities in Great Britain? Build your resume with experiences that will connect you to people in the museum or publishing world. Students in this class will get the opportunity to do lab work to analyze artifacts from the archaeological dig on this site and to contribute to a published book on the history and archaeology of the mill. They will also have the opportunity to design and build a museum exhibit for the Carnegie Museum of Crawfordsville, Indiana.

For more information, contact Ron Morris, Department of History, or Mark Groover, Department of Anthropology. Apply now