Case Studies: National Leaders

The presentation of our research on charter schools in this section of the guidebook will be twelve case study exemplars of Charter Schools or other private or public schools across the nation, studying best practices in curriculum, funding, and facilities. These case study exemplars highlight schools which are diverse, serving elementary, middle, and high school students, with enrollment ranges from 200-800.  They are meeting the needs of traditionally under served student populations in urban areas.

One of the biggest hurdles in starting a charter school is finding a suitable building. This process that can be seen as 1 of 3 possible approaches:

1) Finding an available existing school building that can be occupied by the new charter school,

2) Finding and renovating an existing industrial or commercial building and

3) Finding a suitable site and constructing a new charter school building. The schools that we studied were extremely insightful in each of these areas as we have examples of both new construction and adaptive reuse and renovation.