2013 Primacy of Place Conference

The first Primacy of Place conference was held on September 20, 2013 at the Indianapolis Marriott.  More than 200 business and civic leaders explored the art of developing, attracting and retaining talent through quality of place initiatives.    

Conference speakers included: 

Sheryl Conley  “It’s more than just the physical look of the place…education is the second largest area of investment that we have made.  We had a school board and a superintendent very engaged with us, and we have seen our graduation rates rise to over 90 percent.  It was a fabulous change, but it comes with focus and desire and energy to call out what the issues and challenges are.  The other things we are looking at hard are innovation and entrepreneurship. Do we really have an environment to conducive to attracting start-ups?”   

- Sheryl Conley

CEO, OrthoWorx, Inc. 

Fred Kent
“When you focus on place, you do everything differently. It’s magical; it doesn’t cost a lot, but it requires a lot of people to be engaged.  It’s also a dynamic human function, an act of liberation – believe me, it is really amazing to watch how people become liberated with the idea that they can actually have some impact on their community.”

- Fred Kent 

President, Project for Public Spaces 

Thomas Linebarger
“Once employees are here, what experience do they have?  It turns out that being involved in their community, in addition to a rich and challenging work experiences fulfills a human need that people have to connect with the people that live around them.  They care about the schools where their kids go, they care about whether it’s safe, they care about whether it’s a beautiful place and has parks, they care about if there is corruption in the city.  If we are engaged in making those things better, they want to stay with us more.  And it doesn’t matter if it’s in Columbus, Indiana or Lagos, Nigeria.”  

N. Thomas Linebarger

CEO, Cummins, Inc. 

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