Primacy of Place Winners


PoPCAP Awards 
 City of Columbus   City of Valparaiso   Town of Walkerton 
Columbus (population 44,061) created an Arts District after extensive public input. The district helped create a new vibrancy and attract diverse populations to live and work in the community. It spurred the development of 240 new apartments, and business expansions in the district. Annual impact estimate is $214 million.

Valparaiso (population 31,730) integrated arts, downtown revitalization, and parkland preservation in partnership with private investors and arts supporters. They set aside hundreds of acres for recreational purposes, created vibrant arts spaces and events, and a popular Orville Redenbacher statue that tweets to its Twitter followers.  Walkerton (population 2,144) rebuilt an entire run-down neighborhood of 80 homes from the ground up, removing blight and providing existing residents with affordable, quality housing. The project generated great pride in the community and helped retain a business adjacent to the neighborhood.

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