Bursar and Loan Adminstration

Payment Options

Students and authorized payers have two options each month for paying their semester balance:

1.)  Pay the Total Amount Due by the due date on the eBill.  The balance on your eBill will contain your tuition and fees, Room and Board (or Apartment Rent) charges, and any other miscellaneous charges that have been assessed.  

2.)  Pay the Deferment Amount by the due date on the eBill.  The Deferment option allows students to make up to four payments per semester (Fall and Spring) to pay their tuition, mandatory fees, and Room & Board charges.  Apartment Rent and charges from a prior semester are due in full by the due date on the eBill and will be included in both the Deferment Amount and Total Amount Due. You will be assessed a Deferment Fee of $30 for the first eBill due date, and $15 for the second and third eBill due dates.  The Deferment Fee will appear on the following month’s eBill.  If you fail to pay at least the Deferment Amount by the due date, a 1% Late Fee will be assessed on the past due current term charges.

Your eBill will display the Deferment Amount due in order to utilize the deferment option.  No sign up required, simply pay the Deferment Amount as indicated on your eBill, and the Deferment Fee will be assessed on the next eBill.  

Deferment Option Schedule

 Fall Term 
Due Dates
 Spring Term 

Due Dates

 Amount being Deferred 
Deferment Amount 
 (as indicated on eBill) 
 Deferment Fee 
 September 1  January 1  Defer 75% of current term charges  25%  $30
 October 1  February 1  Defer 66.5% of current term charges  33.5%  $15
 November 1  March 1  Defer 50% of current term charges  50%  $15
 December 1  April 1  Balance due in full  100%  n/a

Late Fee

1% will be assessed on the past due current term charges each month if the payment received is less than the Deferment Amount.  

Click for more information about the Deferment Option.

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