The Career Center services and programs focus on the mission of connecting all of our partners for the purpose of helping students integrate their education, self-awareness, and experiences to empower a lifetime of career achievement and personal satisfaction.

Our staff of highly trained individuals act as partners to our many constituents, creating industry-best practices through connecting and preparing students, employers, faculty, and alumni in their quests to reach their goals.

We commit to:

  • Assisting students with exploring career options, making informed academic major decisions, obtaining experience and employment or acceptance into graduate school;
  • Seeking opportunities to partner with faculty in classrooms as well as other stakeholders, delivering career and professional development content in partnership with employers and alumni;
  • Teaching students the processes and skills which will empower them to manage their careers;
  • Creating high-impact connecting activities that bring together students, faculty, employers, and alumni; and
  • Serving the university as the experts in career- and professional-development, on-campus student employment, employer relations, and post-graduate outcomes.
What is the Career Center? YouTube video