What Can I Do with a Major in…

Electronic Art and Animation?

3-D Computer Animator 
3-D Graphics Specialist
Animated Cartoonist
Animation Director
Animation Writer
Archivist, Curator
Art Critic
Art Director
Art Editor
Artist, Drawing
Audio Visual Artist/Designer 
Background Layout Technician
Background Painter 
CAD Designer
Camera Operator
Cartoonist Animator
Cel Animator
Character Animator
Clay Animator
Color Key/Color Stylist
Comic Book Artist
Comic Strip Artist
Computer Animator
Computer Game Designer
Computer Graphics Specialist
Digital Designer
Digital Editor
Digital Effects Artist
Director of Media Services (School)
Effects Animator
Environmental Graphics Designer
Flash Programmer
Forensics Animator
Freelance Artist
Graphic Arts Technician
Graphic Designer
Magazine Cartoonist
Magazine Designer 
Professor (Animation/Multimedia)
Set Designer
Stop-Motion Editor
Technical Writer
Toy and Game Designer
Video Director