Career Infusion programs bring together faculty, alumni, employers, students, and parents to create common space with common purpose—to work together to help Ball State students be even more competitive in their chosen endeavors.

We desire to assist you in establishing collaborative partnerships across departments and connecting with local industry leaders and alumni to enrich the student experience through the sharing of knowledge, skills, and perspectives—both inside and outside the classroom.

What does this mean for you?

  • Our services include integrating careers in the classroom, courtesy of our professionally trained Career Coaches (e.g. professionalism, etiquette, résumé-writing workshops).
  • Consider integrating Career-Ready or Intern-Ready certificates into your curriculum to better prepare students for internships and the job-search process (created by employers for students).
  • Practice Interview Program brings vice presidents, CEO's, hiring managers, and seasoned professionals to campus to conduct real on-campus interviews and provide immediate feedback to students to increase confidence, awareness, and competitiveness in the market. For more information, please contact Jeff Eads
  • Academic-year faculty within Miller College of Business and College of Science and Humanities can apply for the summer Faculty Externship Program, funded through the Cardinal Connect grant initiative (courtesy of the Lilly Foundation). Network, learn, observe, and develop contacts for future entrepreneurial learning opportunities.

We want to partner with you! We’re confident our current services and career infusion opportunities would complement your course work and assist in helping students reach their full potential.