Attending job fairs might be one skill that you use in locating an internship or full-time job.  The Career Center wants you to be prepared when you attend job fairs. Here are some helpful hints to keep in mind:

  • Dress appropriately and bring copies of your résumé.
  • Offer the employer a firm handshake and a smile when introducing yourself.
  • Know your résumé and your background so you can tell the employer what you have to offer the organization.
  • Ask questions about career opportunities, specific job openings, and the organization. Some of these questions might come from doing your homework before the fair.
  • Speak with as many representatives as possible.
  • Ask for business cards of the individuals you talk with. You'll want this information later so you can follow up with the employers.
  • Follow up as needed (e.g., filling out an online application, submitting a résumé or materials through a Web site, scheduling on-campus interviews).

Networking with other people is another key skill that you can use to find jobs and internships.  Networking is 70 percent effective in helping you find that next opportunity—more than many of the other methods combined.

You should consider many job-search strategies to find out about opportunities, such as

  • Internet job boards;
  • Targeted marketing directly to employers in your field;
  • Connecting with a staffing agency;
  • Classified ads in print newspapers;
  • CraigsList;
  •; and
  • Ball State alumni.

This list is not comprehensive. Contact your Career Coach to plan your personal job-search strategies.