• Discuss your class schedule with your supervisor before the beginning of each term so you can agree upon a work schedule.
  • You are only paid for hours worked. You do not earn wages when you are ill or on vacation.
  • Your supervisor will establish standards for attendance or variations in your work schedule.
  • You should report any illness to your employer before your scheduled work period. If you miss five or more consecutive work days because of illness, you may be required to get a clearance from the University Health Center before returning to work.

All injuries incurred when on the job must be reported immediately to your supervisor, regardless of the nature or severity. For more information about Worker's Compensation, contact the Office of Employee Relations at 285-1823. When working four consecutive hours, you are allowed one fifteen-minute break. You may not use your break to cover late arrival or early departure from work, and you may not accumulate the time you do not take.