• You may work up to 20 hours in a week, depending upon departmental availability, during the fall and spring semesters.
  • You may work up to 40 hours in a week (not to exceed 8 hours in a workday), depending upon departmental availability, during semester, spring and summer breaks.  This does not apply to long weekends.  Breaks consisting of three or four day weekends, such as Fall Break, are not exempted to this rule.
  • You may not exceed 40 hours a week during summer (or 80 hours in a two-week pay period) regardless of the number of credit hours for which you are registered.
  • You are responsible for monitoring work hours to insure permitted limitations are not exceeded.


  • The campus minimum wage rate is $7.25 an hour which coincides with the federal minimum wage rate.
  • Your wage is determined by the university and multiplied by the number of hours you work.
  • Federal and state income taxes are deducted from your check. FICA (Social Security and Medicare) tax is not withheld while you are attending classes although it may be withheld if you work during breaks and summer or if you exceed the number of hours permitted during the academic year.
  • Your paycheck stubs contain wage information about taxes and student financial aid. You should monitor your hours and earnings.
  • You are paid by having your wages deposited into your bank account through direct deposit. For more information, contact the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits, AD G29, 765-285-8461.
  • Additionally, you should be interested in signing up for  Employee Self Serve since paystubs are no longer issued to review your payroll information on line as the University is now paperless. 

If you have been awarded Federal Work-Study or have an athletic grant in aid, you are limited in the amount of money you can earn during the award period.  Jobs designated as FWS Only will be limited by the student employee's Federal Work Study award.  The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will notify you of the amount of money you can earn in your financial aid award letter. Contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid early in the academic year if you need to request an adjustment to your earnings limit.


Paychecks and paystubs are no longer issued.   Wages are direct deposited into student employee’s personal bank accounts.   Wages will be distributed on alternate Fridays according to a schedule established annually by the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits. To have your earnings direct deposited and to sign up for Employee Self Serve, your portal to personal and paystub information, visit the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits’ website.