If you are a new student employee, you are required to complete some paperwork in order to insure you are going to be paid and that you are aware of specific aspects of your employment.  For your convenience, we've bundled some of the paperwork so that you can get a head start completing your paperwork.

If you have not completed any paperwork for your new job, you can access all of the necessary documents here:  First-Time Employment Packet

If you have already completed your payroll documents (withholding and direct deposit), you can access the remaining documents here:  Personnel Packet

If you will be working with minors, your supervisor will contact the Student Employment Office and you will be notified, by e-mail, to complete an on-line Background Investigation form.  Please be advised that this form will arrive from the University's appointed agent and may be lodged in your BSU Outlook account's "Clutter" or "Junk" folder.  It will not roll over to your g-mail account, should you be using one.

You may complete the Federal and State Withholding forms in preparation visit to the Career Center at the same location you picked up referrals for campus jobs.

Be sure to use your permanent home address on all forms.
Sign all tax forms in ink using your full legal name.
To complete the Direct Deposit Form, be prepared with your bank routing number and your personal account number.

If you have been notified by the Student Employment Office that you are missing a specific document, you may refer to the list below:

  • Federal W-4 Withholding Form:                        Form W-4
  • Indiana WH-4 Withholding Form:                      Form WH-4
  • BSU Authorization for Direct Deposit:                Form DDA
  • Federal I-9  Employment Eligibility Verification:  Form I-9
  • Employee Confidentiality Agreement Form:        FormC&IAEA

Once completed, take these forms to the Career Center, Lucina Hall 220.  Be prepared to complete the Federal I-9 Eligibility form while in the Career Center office. To complete the I-9 form, please bring a photo ID (BSU ID or Drivers’ License will do nicely) and either an original birth certificate or an original social security card.  A passport is acceptable in lieu of these documents.  Additional information can be obtained by visiting the documentation website.

To complete your Direct Deposit Authorization form, you will need the name of your banking institution, the institution's routing number, and your account number.  This information can easily be found on a blank check or deposit form.