This guide will help you navigate the EPAF process.  The majority of student employment transactions will be limited to five (5) different EPAFs.  Most users will initiate the EPAFs and submit to the Student Employment Office for approval before application by Payroll.  Others will provide data for the Student Employment Office (see below) to input student information into Banner EPAFs.

Note:  Student Hiring Compliance Forms (workflow) must be submitted for each hire to insure compliance with federal government regulations.

    For complete instructions on using EPAF's please check with Human Resources' guide to Creating EPAFs.

    Originator:  The person who inputs hiring information into the EPAF forms
    Approver:   The person or persons responsible for "signing off" on the EPAF
    Applier:      The person who activates the EPAF and allows the hire's information
                            to roll into Payroll
    FOAPAL:     Fund;  Organization;  Account;  Program:  Activity;  Location
                      Funding and account information (23 digit code)

    Refers to the personnel action you wish to initiate.  Student employers will use, primarily, these five (5) different EPAFs for student personnel actions.
        Student - New Hire, STU110
        Student - New Stipend Hire, STU115
        Student - Change Base pay, STU201
        Administrative - End Job Assignment, ADM400
        Administrative - Change of Supervisor or Org, ADM500
    Please note:  The Administrative - Change in Labor, ADM301, is not used by student employment.

Employee Classes
    There are several employee classes but student employment consists of these four (4) employee classes:
        S1, Student Undergrad Hourly
        S2, Student Undergrad Salary (also used for Misc. Payments)
        S3, Student Graduate Asst Salary (reserved for Graduate Assistantships only)
        S4, Student Graduate Asst Hourly

    Students will be hired by the departments after receiving referrals and interviewing candidates.  In most cases, referrals will have two position numbers.  Some students may have a Federal Work Study Award, the balance for which will be indicated on the referral.  In this case, please use the associated 889XXX or 888XXX number.  Otherwise, use the 999XXX or 998XXX number.  Positions available for FWS students only, may not have a 999XXX number associated with them.

    If you are comfortable using the EPAF, Electronic Personnel Action Form, please go to Self Service Banner and input the appropriate EPAF for your personnel action.  The Student Employment Hiring Form is to be used only by those who are unfamiliar with EPAFs or do not have access to EPAFs.  This form will be used by the Student Employment Office to confirm hiring information, input the relevant data, and place the student into Payroll.

Complete the Student Employment Hiring Form.

    If you are originating the EPAF, use the drop down window under the "Routing Queue" to add the Student Employment Office (John Knox) as an approver (or FYI, as required by the action) if it does not already appear.

    Save all actions before you attempt to submit.  If you have an error message, make the correction and "save" the transaction before you resubmit.  Otherwise, the erroneous information will be resubmitted and you will have to repeat the steps to correct your submission.

    You may look up unknown information by clicking on the icon (magnifying glass) next to fields requiring information.

    If you need help identifying the error message or its intent, contact the Student Employment Coordinator at 285-2432.

    You can review any EPAF's you have submitted by going back to the Electronic Personnel Action Form starting page and clicking on, "EPAF Originator Summary."  From there, you can select from either Current or Historic EPAFs you have completed and check their status.

Instruction Guide: