No student may be placed on the university student payroll without being referred and authorized for an available vacancy by the Career Center.

Departmental personnel hiring students are strongly encouraged to work through their department's Administrative Coordinator when processing positions for posting and hiring student employees to insure proper adherence to Federal, State, and university regulations, policies, and procedures.

Complete a Student Employment Vacancy Form if the job is a new position or if there are significant changes to an existing job and submit the form to the Student Employment Coordinator (LU-220, [fax 285-3757]). 

If you wish to post a previously existing position, please give us a call at 285-2440 or email with any changes and the position will be posted.

Faculty Research Grants

Faculty members who receive research grants and who want to hire students should follow the normal procedures for posting positions. If the grant is to be paid through the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration must approve and verify the hiring of all students.

If you require assistance setting up the student position, call John Knox at 285-2432 or e-mail the Career Center.

Regardless of the amount of student wages budgeted in the grant, undergraduate students cannot be paid more than $9.00 an hour.

General Posting Information

To repost an existing job (one that is on file with the Career Center), call the Career Center at 285-2440 or e-mail .

All on-campus student employment vacancies must be listed with the Career Center. No student can receive a referral for a job unless the position is currently posted with the Career Center.

Eligible students looking for work must visit the Career Center to complete:

  • An employment application, which can be done in advance on line.
  • State and federal tax withholding forms.
  • Federal I-9 form to comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. 
        To complete the I-9 form, students will need documentation proving their eligibility. Most students use:
            Photo I.D. (driver’s license or BSU I.D.) and 
                An original Social Security Card or an original birth certificate. 
            A valid passport may be used in lieu of the above. 
            A complete  list of acceptable documents is available on the web. 

Qualified students are referred with student employment referral forms. The referral is a half-sheet printed form the student will bring to the interview.

The referral form includes information about the student's earnings limits, if any exist (i.e. Federal Work Study), the number of hours for which the student is registered, and work schedule and information about the position.

You should not interview or hire any applicants before they have received referrals from the Career Center.  You must consider all eligible applicants.

Call the Career Center, 285-2440, or e-mail StuJobs in Outlook immediately when you have either filled a vacancy or have determined that you have received a sufficient number of referrals. The job remains advertised until you call to remove it.

Do not tell a student a position has been filled if it is still advertised. You must continue to take applications until you remove the posting.

Notify the applicant(s) you have hired and those you do not hire. The Career Center does not contact them.

Once you have selected a candidate, you must submit a Student Hiring Compliance Form workflow to insure the student has or will comply with Student Employment Paperwork requirements, including the Federal I-9.

After you have received authorization to hire a student from the workflow, complete an Electronic Personnel Action Form (STU110 or STU115 EPAF) for each student hired.

Have your student employees use the Kronos electronic clock system to clock in and out or instruct them on how to use the Kronos Web-timestamp Website. Students will need to use their Outlook usernames and passwords to access the Web site. Contact the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits with questions about the Kronos system.

Each student's hours should be reviewed and approved by the student and his or her supervisor, then submitted electronically to payroll by noon on the Monday following the last day of the pay period.

Complete a Banner Electronic Personnel Action Form (ADM400 EPAF) to drop a student from payroll when he or she no longer works for you.