Timekeeping Methods

Electronic Time Clocks

  • If your area uses electronic time clocks, ask your area coordinator to attach the appropriate bar codes to your student employees' Ball State University I.D. cards. This barcode number should be reported on the Student Employment Authorization form used to place the student on payroll. The barcode will allow your student employees to clock in and out.
  • Students clock in when they arrive at work by swiping their I.D. cards through the slot and pushing the appropriate function key.
  • To clock out when they are finished working, they simply swipe their I.D. cards through the slot again. They do not have to push a function key to clock out.
  • Everything is automatically calculated and downloaded to the payroll office for processing.
  • If there is an error when a student is clocking in or out, use a Time and Attendance Adjustment Form (available from your area coordinator) to document the adjustment and turn it in to your area Kronos coordinator.
  • Hours for students using the electronic time clock are confirmed at the end of each pay period before they are reported to Payroll.

Kronos Web Timestamp

If your area uses Kronos Web Timestamp, instruct the student on how to use the website to record the hours worked. If you have any questions, contact the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits (285-8461) for specific instructions on how students should submit their time.

At the end of each pay period, verify the hours worked and the accuracy of information reported. Hours must accurately reflect the times worked during the pay period. It is illegal to falsify hours using any time-reporting devices. Times reported must have been worked on the exact day reported. If you are aware of a mistake for time turned in, contact the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits to correct it. Hours must reflect the pay period in which they were worked.

Students who have any changes affecting tax information (name changes, addresses, exemptions, etc.) should contact the Career Center (LU 220) or the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits (AD 029) to complete new tax forms. Any changes in Social Security numbers should be reported immediately to the payroll office.

Student hours are to be approved and “signed off” by noon on Monday following the end of the biweekly pay period, which is on Saturday. This same schedule applies to any time sheets for students working at off-campus locations. The schedule of biweekly pay periods is available on the Payroll and Employee Benefits Web site for your reference. Off-campus work-study time sheets are due on the same dates as on-campus time-keeping methods.

Wage Distribution

Students are paid biweekly on the Friday following the end of the pay period. Effective July 1, 2010, wages will be directly deposited into students' bank accounts.  Students working at off campus locations, such as Federal Work Study-Community Service locations, receive their deposited wages from the university. 

The university requires all employees, including student employees, to have their net pay direct deposited in a bank of their choice. Employee deposit statements and paystub information are available through Employee Self-Serve where they can be viewed and printed. Pay stubs will no longer be distributed effective October 1, 2010.  Students who are interested in using direct deposit can pick up a form from the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits, Administration Building, room G-29, the Career Center on the second floor of Lucina Hall, or they may sign up electronically using their university username and password.  Additionally, they may receive pertinent information for both Employee Self Serve and Direct Deposit at the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits.