Step 1. Identify a key person in your unit to serve as a liaison with other supervisors in the department. This person will help provide consistency in the job review process in your area.

Step 2. Collect information on your student jobs. You may want to gather information and insights from current student employees or rely on information from supervisors and current job descriptions.

Step 3. Write the job description focusing on:
            A. Position function statement 
            B. Task statements 
            C. Required qualifications
            D. Additional preferred qualifications 
            E. Job context 
            F. Supervision received 
            G. Supervision provided 

Step 4. Review the position using the following factors: 
            A. Previous experience required 
            B. Previous training required 
            C. Licensing or certification 
            D. Complexity of general duties 
            E. Decision making 
            F. Technical complexity 
            G. Supervision received
            H. Supervision provided 
            I.  Job context

Step 5. Determine an appropriate wage level:
            A. Student Wage Level I 
            B. Student Wage Level II 
            C. Student Wage Level III

Step 6. Submit your position descriptions and recommended wage levels to your department, director, or dean for review and approval.

Step 7. Your chair, director, or dean will review department submissions and either approve or deny your recommendation, or return the job description to you for more information.

Step 8. The vice president of your area must approve wage recommendations above the $7.25 an hour minimum wage.

Step 9. Notify the Career Center of any changes in job titles, job duties, qualifications, and rates of pay for posting on Cardinal ViewJobs.