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You'll find the Winter, 2017-2018 edition HERE!  It contains information about the mandatory Campus SaVE Act training, changes to the international student employment process, Student Employee of the Year nominations, EPAF training, and more. 


In order to insure our student employees and the university adhere to the strict compliance of the federal rules for E-Verification, the Student Employment Office has instituted a new, Banner assisted, procedure.  It is a quick and simple way to insure your student hires are eligible to be input into the system.  Notification is immediate.  Students should not be entered until approval is received and not before.  Retro-active hires are prohibited with the exception of miscellaneous payments.

Candidates selected to fill an available position will be entered into a workflow which will provide immediate feedback to the originator regarding the student's paperwork status.  If the student has completed necessary paperwork, the originator will instantly receive notification to enter an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) for the student. 

If the student has yet to complete the paperwork, notification will be sent to the student to do so and the originator will be notified.  Once the necessary paperwork has been completed, the Workflow will be advanced and the originator notified to enter the the student's EPAF.

More information can be found on our website (HERE) or in the Technology HelpDesk Knowledge Base (HERE).


The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act (heretofore, The Act) is Section 304 of the re-authorized Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and was signed into law on March 7, 2013. The Act requires institutions of higher education, such as Ball State University, provide mandatory training to university employees covering topics and providing awareness programs regarding rape awareness, domestic and dating violence, sexual assault and stalking.  While our first and second year students have had similar training, this training is more detailed and is the same you have probably taken sometime over the past two years. 

Retroactive training will commence Spring semester for current student employees and become a component for the onboarding of all student new hires. 


All University employees, students, or volunteers participating in programs involving minors must comply with the requirements of the Ball State Policy Regarding Minors.  Please read the Guidelines for Activities Involving Minors regarding procedures appropriate for all programs involving minors to assist in ensuring compliance with the Policy Regarding Minors. 

Requirements include:
    1)  The program must be registered by the program leader with the Office of Risk
Management within sufficient time to meet the requirements of the Policy
Regarding Minors;
    2)  A criminal Background check as needed by Human Resource Services or the Student
             Employment Office;
    3)  Completion of approved training as provided through the office of Risk Management.

Supervisors will notify the Student Employment Office, via email, regarding students needing background investigations due to their job responsibilities.  The email should include student's name, I.D. number, and BSU e-mail address.  The student will then receive an email from the service provider (RSI, Inc.) with login information and a password to input the required information. The Student Employment Office will notify the process originator regarding the outcome of the background investigation. The Background Investigation process can be found (HERE).

A mandatory video training is required to be completed by all employees, students and volunteers who will be working with minors participating in a covered program or activity.

For additional information, visit the Risk Management Website.


A new student I.D. system has been implemented and changes the look of the I.D. card and provides additional flexibility and efficiency.  The new cards are portrait style and carry a watermark of Beneficence.  Barcode stickers are no longer needed for students using the new I.D. cards.  The new cards have the barcode printed directly on the card, eliminating the need for sticker placement.

New cards will continue to use the magnetic strip technology and functions, such as swiping the card to read student ID numbers, will not change.  The current tracking format is incorporated into the new cards.  Replacement of worn, cracked, or misused cards will continue to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may not be subject to the fee.  In these cases, all replacements would be with the new card. 

The replacement fee for a lost or stolen card is $25.  Cards may be replaced at the Technology Center in Bracken Library.

***** SUMMER HOURS *****

Students who have worked a maximum of 20 hours per week during the academic year may work up to 40 hours a week in the summer (or 80 hours during a two-week pay period) regardless of the number of hours they are enrolled.

Graduate Assistants that worked 20 hours or less during the academic year may work up to 40 hours a week in the fall, winter, spring and summer breaks.  If a Graduate Assistant has worked between 21 to 29 hours a week during the academic year, the Graduate Assistant cannot work more than 29 hours a week during the fall, winter, spring and/or summer breaks.

***** STUDENT HOURS *****

Because of regulations related to H.R. 3590, the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," hours worked will be strictly monitored.  Students working through the academic year will continue to be limited to 20 hours per week.  While it is up to the students to monitor their hours, we will be asking departments to coordinate with the students in order to maintain compliance.  Graduate Assistants working supplemental positions are now limited to nine additional hours with permission from the Graduate School.  Students may continue to work additional hours during spring, semester, and summer breaks.  Students working long weekends or breaks consisting of three or four day weekends, such as fall or Thanksgiving breaks, are not allowed additional hours.


***** RENEWALS *****

Renewals for summer and fall sessions will generally not be necessary.  The university has switched to a "rolling termination process" wherein students will no longer be given a termination date.  Student assignments should be monitored by responsible staff and terminated once student employees cease working for their respective departments.  At the discretion of the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits, supervisors of students who have not been paid for three continuous pay periods will be notified of their students' inactivity and asked to remove the students from their job assignments.  This will ensure that students who no longer are working are removed from Kronos and we are not expending unnecessary funding on unused Kronos licenses.

***** EPAFS *****

We, in student employment, use three EPAFs specifically for students and two which we share with the entire university personnel.  For additional help, simply go to Help with Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs).  Specific information can be found about hiring hourly, hiring salaried, reactivating (renewing), and terminating student assignments through the use of EPAFs.  There is also help with increasing their wages or changing supervisors or timekeeping organizations.  

We do not us the ADM301 Change in Labor EPAF for student employment.  Please contact the Student Employment office for assistance for changes in Labor.


***** REFERRALS & FWS *****

Below the Posting # is listed an FWS Limit and FWS Balance.  If there is a dollar amount listed in these places, the student referred has a Federal Work Study award and is eligible for an FWS assignment.  The referral should have tow position numbers: "Position # (999XXX)," and "FWS Position # (8889XXX)."  If there is an FWS Balance listed on the referral, use the "FWS Position #."  Use the regular "Position #" if no FWS Limit and Balance are listed.  The majority of students will not have a Federal Work Study award and their FWS Limit and Balance fields will be empty.  Again, for those students, use the 999XXX Banner Position Number.

Federal Work Study awards are not in force during the summer.  Any student working an FWS position number during the academic year must be changed to a "regular" position number (999XXX) for the summer months and may be returned to an FWS position number, if applicable, in the Fall.

 ***** NOTES *****

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