Ball State University will honor nearly 4,800 student employees for their work during Student Employment Week, April 8 - 14, 2018. Student employees make essential contributions to campus offices, enabling faculty and staff to concentrate additional more time and efforts on serving students. Many campus departments would find it difficult to offer the level of customer service they do to students, parents, faculty, and visitors if it weren't for their part-time student employees.

In addition, through the Federal Work-Study Program, several local nonprofit agencies hire Ball State students to work in community service positions for their organizations.

National research shows that students who hold campus jobs increase their chances of finishing college by 10 to 15 percent. Working while attending college offers students a way to supplement and enrich their academic experience. Students can earn money, meet people, establish a work record, develop skills they can use in other jobs, and learn how to manage their time.

Student employment can help students develop interpersonal, communication, and computer skills; develop good work habits; learn more about the university; and establish employment references. Student employment can be a natural stepping stone to full-time employment after graduation.

When working on campus, students have the opportunity to see how the university works behind the scenes—the important roles and functions of different departments and organizations, and the employees who work for them. 

The Career Center encourages campus departments to take time during Ball State Student Employment Week to let their student employees know how much their work is appreciated. Acknowledging their efforts motivates, encourages, and thanks student employees while providing incentives for them to continue their efforts.

The Career Center is coordinating a drawing for prizes donated by local businesses. If you would like to have your student employees included in the drawing, beginning January 9, 2018, please complete an entry form.