Central Mailing

Student Center Post Office Servcies


A variety of First Class stamps in all denominations are available. They can be purchased individually, in books or coils.

Charlie Cardinal Stamps

Send your mail off in Ball State style. Affix the Official Charlie Cardinal Stamp.

USPS Tracking

Provides confirmation of delivery or attempted delivery date upon the senders inquiry. Insurance coverage is not provided, but insurance maybe purchased as needed. This service is available on all First Class Parcels, Priority, Parcel Post and Media mail.


#10 business size envelopes with postage already affixed can be purchased for a small fee.

Ball State Post Cards

A variety of Ball State University postcards are available to remember time here on campus.

Insured Mail

Merchandise is insured against loss, damage or rifling. Coverage may not exceed the fixed limit or the value of the items for the insurance fee paid. Insurance amounts cannot exceed $5,000.00. Claims for insured mail must be filed at the main post office.

Certified Mail

Designed to provide individual with proof of delivery for sent mail. This service provides the sender with a mailing receipt and a record of delivery and is maintained at the addressee's mail Post Office. The addressee will have to sign for the item upon delivery (this service can only be purchased when sending first class or priority mail and applies to Domestic Mail only)

Money Orders

Can be purchased for up to $1,000.00 for a small fee. Money orders can only be purchased with cash or a debit card.

Registered mail

Designed to provide security for valuable and important mail, plus evidence of mailing, delivery and indemnity in the case of loss or damage. This mail is signed for every time it changes hands and is the most secure service that Postal Service offers. (this service can only be purchased when sending first class or priority mail)

Padded envelopes

A variety of sizes can be purchased for you to pack your merchandise in. These envelopes are self adhesive and can be used for shipping various items.

Express Mail

Offers convenient overnight deliver and is the only overnight service that delivers 365 days a year. Yes, weekends and holidays are included. Express mail includes letters, documents and merchandise, and is given top priority handling over all other classes of mail.

CD Mailers, Large flat envelopes

Envelopes for transport of cd's/dvd's can be purchased. These are self adhesive envelopes that will help protect your digital media. 9x12 or 10x13 flat letter envelopes can also be purchased to send your documents.

 Facsimile Services

Fax's can be sent world wide for a minimal fee. There is no minimum or maximum amount of pages that can be sent. Our Fax service will also provide you with a confirmation page for your records.