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Indiana Communities Institute

The Indiana Communities Institute addresses the modern challenges of economic development through community-based strategies for sustainable growth.  Although our efforts focus on strengthening communities throughout Indiana, this strategy serves as a model for university economic development efforts across the nation.

The research-policy-practice framework allows the Indiana Communities Institute to tap into talent and resources from research and outreach units across campus for our work with outside partners. Our partnerships lead to informed, effective projects and strategies that bring development efforts into the 21st century.

What We Do

We're focused on improving the quality of life in communities through our Primacy of Place initiative.  The Community Readiness Initiative gives communities the perspective they require to plan for modern, sustainable growth. We also offer community and economic development-focused education and training courses like the Community Development Course, for professionals throughout the year.

How We're Organized

Our staff combines talent and resources to nurture positive development practices across the state and nation.

Research Outcomes: Research units across campus collaborate with us through a variety of projects to advance the field of modern economic development.

Public Policy: The RUPRI Center for State Policy offers insight to state and national policymakers for how public policy affects the growth of rural communities.  

Practical Application: The Center for Community Economic Development focuses on programs and projects that have statewide impact, like our training courses for Indiana's economic development professionals.


Research-Policy-Practice Framework