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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What should I do with correspondence from the sponsor?

A: Any sponsor correspondence should be taken/e-mailed to the Contracts and Grants Office for review.

Q: Does Ball State have to receive funds from the sponsor before I can start spending out of my grant account?

A: No, not as long as the award/contract documents have been signed by the sponsor and BSU. CGO operates on cost reimbursement basis.

Q. Who should sign the award document or contract?

A. Only three people can currently sign for the University: the President, the VP of Business Affairs and Treasurer, and the Associate Vice President of Business Affairs and Assistant Treasurer. CGO will obtain the required signatures.  

Q: Do I have to monitor my sponsored project?

A: Yes, it is important that you monitor award activity and notify CGO of any discrepancies as soon as possible.

Q: Who prepares the financial reports?

A: Your designated Grant Specialist will prepare financial reports. However, the Principle Investigator (PI) is responsible for getting the appropriate paperwork to CGO on time. The PI is also responsible for preparing any technical reports required by the Sponsor.

Q: What is a Time and Effort Certification Report?

A: The effort reporting system at Ball State University is designed to provide a reasonable basis for determining and documenting salary and wages charged to sponsored programs. The certification of effort on a grant project is required by federal regulation regardless of the source of funds for the award.

Q: What are the procedures for travel?

A: Domestic Travel: Reimbursement of employee related travel to a grant is governed by sponsor requirements, applicable laws & regulations, and University policy. See the travel manual and forms in Form Finder.
International Travel: Some sponsors require that foreign travel be approved by the sponsor in writing and in advance, even when the award includes funds for foreign travel. Federal awards require that all foreign travel utilize US-flag air carriers wherever possible without regard to cost or convenience. This requirement applies to any non-federal funds used for cost sharing on federal awards. Please speak with a Grant Specialist before any travel related to your award.

Q: Do I need to go back to the sponsor for budget revisions or to extend the time period of my grant?

A: The principal investigator must direct the project work so that it will be completed within the allotted time and funds authorized. It is sometimes necessary, however, and appropriate to initiate a request for additional time with or without additional funds. Requests for such changes should be initiated by the PI, through CGO, and forwarded to the sponsor well in advance, at least 60 days prior to the project expiration date. Verifiable documentation from the sponsor authorizing an extension of the project or budget period must be provided to CGO.

Q: What are close-out procedures?

A: The Grant Specialist will send a reminder notice to the PI sixty (60) days prior to the end date of the contract or grant. It is the PI’s responsibility to ensure that the project is completed and funds to be expended on the project are incurred within the performance period. Any documentation of expenses should be taken to CGO. Any fund balances remaining after the close of the grant period must be promptly returned to the sponsor unless an extension has been approved.

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