Self-advocacy and assertiveness will help the student gain the most from the Ball State experience. A willingness to function in an environment requiring adaptability and change is also vitally important. The keys to success for persons with disabilities at Ball State include:

  • the ability and openness to realize personal strengths and limitations.
  • the desire and aptitude to take responsibility for managing daily routines, as well as academic and personal success.
  • the maturity to utilize resources and services and to communicate with the DS office about your needs and/or concerns.
  • the patience to spend the extra time necessary to study effectively.

The professional staff and faculty strongly encourage students with disabilities to be involved in both academic and extracurricular activities - special interest groups, sports and wellness programs, student organizations, and leadership activities. These kinds of involvement will help prepare the student for success after college by providing a well-rounded background. Prospective employers prefer graduates with this kind of experience.