Disability Services

Federal Grant

The United States Department of Education’s Office of Postsecondary Education awarded a three-year $427,000 grant to four researchers atBallStateUniversity. Ensuring a Quality Education for Indiana’s Students with Disabilities helped furtherBallState’s commitment to a quality education for students with disabilities through four initiatives.


Faculty Mentorship Program. Taiping Ho (Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology) coordinates the Faculty Mentorship Program where students with disabilities are mentored by one of 45 faculty members in the student’s major or career interest.


Faculty/Staff Lecture Series. Roger Wessel (Department of Educational Studies) facilitates a lecture series where campus faculty and staff will learn best practices and current issues when working with students with disabilities. As part of the lecture series, several presentations have been recorded to assist faculty and staff in working with students with disabilities.


Tutoring. Jackie Harris (LearningCenter) facilitates additional tutoring and study strategies assistance for students with disabilities and oversee training forLearningCenter tutors on working with students with disabilities.


Outreach to High Schools. Larry Markle (Disability Services) conducts outreach to secondary schools in Indiana on the transition to college for students with disabilities. Additionally, materials on transitional issues for students with disabilities as they matriculate from high school to college are distributed to every high school in Indiana.