The following resources will help you enhance your understanding and use of student response systems (aka "clickers"). While some of these resources are generic to all student response systems, others are specific to the i>clicker brand that Ball State University supports.

Technical Help for i>clicker

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      Instructional Support Materials

      Articles, Books, and Websites

      Teaching with Classroom Response Systems: Creating Active Learning Environments, by Derek Bruff. Jossey-Bass, 2009.

      • This book is a thorough study of teaching with clickers, with significant attention paid to writing effective clicker questions, as well as how to use those questioning techniques to engage students in active learning.

      i>clicker User Community

      • This page contains faculty case studies, best practices/tips, research, conference papers, and more. Some of the other resources below come from this site.

      On the Use of Clickers at CU

      • The purpose of this report is to summarize the main results from a study to evaluate faculty practices and student attitudes regarding clickers during the Spring 2007 semester at the University of Colorado at Boulder (commonly referred to as "CU").

      Clicker videos from CUs Science Education Initiative

      • A series of short videos about clicker use in both the science classroom and upper division courses, including information on question writing.

      "Clickers in the Large Classroom: Current Research and Best Practice Tips," by Jane Caldwell. Life Sciences Education, Vol. 6, 2007.

      • A nice summary of research on clickers as of 2007, accompanied by a best practices section drawn from that research.

      "Designing Effective Questions for Classroom Response System Teaching," by Ian Beatty, et al. American Journal of Physics, January 2006.

      • A detailed study of designing effective clicker questions for the physics classroom, with clear applications to other disciplines, especially other sciences.

      Teaching with Classroom Response Systems

      • Derek Bruff's blog on clickers—frequently updated and very thoughtful.

      A collection of articles explaining clicker use in various disciplines

      An excerpt from a video by Eric Mazur about clicker pedagogy