College of Applied Sciences and Technology

Nicolle Fernandes (Family and Consumer Sciences) – Impact of a Student Enrollment in a Basic Nutrition Course on Health Related Behavior Outcomes among Ball State University Students

Suchismita Bhattacharjee (Technology) – Evaluating the Effectiveness of Role Playing in Construction Management Education

Jill Walls (Family and Consumer Sciences) – African American Students’ Perspectives on Classroom Discussions around Race

College of Sciences and Humanities

Phillip Boltz (Intensive English Institute) - Results and Impressions of Student Directed Project Based Learning Strategies in Mid-High Level ESL Speaking Classrooms 

Jagdish Khubchandani (Nutrition and Health Science) – Is Student Driven Skill Based Instruction More Effective in Improving Patient Education Skills of Students as Compared to Instructor Driven Content Based Instruction?

Naomi Lancaster (Intensive English Institute) – The Benefits of Using of Authentic Materials in Teaching Intermediate ESL Students Reading

Dale Lemke (Intensive English Institute) - Using Plagiarism Detection Software as a Pedagogical Tool with ESL Students

Teachers College

Ruby Cain (Educational Studies) – Promoting and Nurturing Community of Learners and Community of Learning through Cultural Autobiographies, Critical Reflection on the Positionality of Self in Course Content, and Technology

Maria Hernandez Finch (Educational Psychology) - Evaluating Multicultural Preparation in a School Psychology Practicum

Ruth Jones (Special Education) – Long-Term Changes in Attitudes and Outcomes of College Students regarding Career Choices, Educational Pursuits and Service Activities as a Result of Planning and Participating in an Immersive Experience—an Art and Equestrian Day Camp

David Roof (Educational Studies) - Social Foundations and Teacher Efficacy: Studying the Preparation of Aspiring Teachers in a Changing Political Climate