Campus Maps
You can find a variety of online and print maps of campus. One of the most useful is the interactive map which will provide a bit of information about what is in each building. You can print out a visitor parking map or get a larger, full-color one from Parking Services.

As with most college campuses, parking is at a premium at Ball State. All parking lots are either metered or designated for specific types of permits. Faculty and staff will most likely either park in yellow lots ("General Faculty/Staff") or red ("Restricted" or premium lots). You must purchase a permit to park on campus, and your cost will depend on how far you want to walk. Go to Parking Services early if you want a space in a lot near your building; see their website for costs and information you'll need to bring with you. Be careful about running over on meters or parking out of your colored zone, since parking regulations are pretty strictly enforced, and be especially careful to avoid parking in "Special 97" spots, since that can cost you a quick $150 and a tow. If you need to park without a permit, the two garages have parking for $5/day (cheaper than a ticket).

Ball State operates free shuttle buses down the center of campus on McKinley Avenue every 5-10 minutes on school days (Monday-Thursday: 7 a.m.-midnight; Friday: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.). Be warned that shuttles will get very crowded between classes, especially in winter, so walking at certain times of day will be faster than taking a shuttle. The shuttles don't stop at every building; rather, routes are designed to get you from one end of campus to the other, or from outlying lots to the heart of campus. If you hear one of the shuttles whistling as it goes by, that is our new hybrid electric bus.

Eating on/near Campus
There are a variety of places to eat on campus and nearby. A complete description of campus locations and hours can be found at Dining Services. Here are a few of the most notable: 

The Retreat is in the Noyer complex behind the Whitinger Business Building (east of the bell tower). During lunchtime, the Retreat is exclusive to faculty and staff; students are welcome only as guests. Lunches include sandwiches, wraps, soups, carved meats, vegetarian dishes, and desserts.

The Student Center Tally Food Court is located in the L.A. Pittenger Student Center (south of the Administration Building), and features a Taco Bell, Starbucks, salad bar, grill favorites, soups and comfort foods, and grab-and-go items. 

The Atrium is the most central food court on campus, located in the Arts and Journalism Building (on McKinley Avenue, across from the library). It is a bright, lively location with a variety of foods you'd see at the mall—Italian, Chinese, Mexican, deli sandwiches, burgers, Chick-fil-A, etc. A limited breakfast menu is also available. Be warned that this location gets very noisy and crowded during the middle of lunch time. 

Jamba Juice in the Arts and Journalism Building provides custom smoothies and food items. The shop is located behind the bookstore.

Bookmark Café in Bracken Library provides coffee, tea, and cold beverages as well as pastries and lunch-type items. It is located off the library’s first-floor library. 

The Village area off the southeast corner of campus provides several places to eat, including the following: Subway, Jimmy John's Subs, Pita Pit, Greek's Pizza, China Express, The MT Cup coffee house, The Locker Room, and Scotty's Brewhouse. All restaurants in Muncie are smoke-free.

Local Terminology
Every place has its own terms and lingo. Here are some that might help you understand Ball State a bit more easily:

Ad Building The Administration building on the south side of the quad; often pronounced as the "ad building." 
AJ The Arts and Journalism Building, a central gathering place on campus, with the Atrium food court, campus bookstore, and Starbucks.
B-book The BSU phone book.
Benny Benificence, a sculpture that has become the symbol for Ball State; it honors the five Ball brothers whose generosity played a major part in the founding of the school. More info
CAP College of Architecture and Planning; often pronounced "cap."
Cow Path The sidewalk that skirts the west side of campus from Petty Road to Riverside Avenue--behind the Robert Bell, Communications and Media, Ball Communications, Arts and Journalism, and Applied Technologies buildings.
Freshman Connections

A program intended to enhance academic and social experiences for first-year students. Students on "learning teams" often live near each other in the residence halls and take classes together; the courses in a team may be designed to be interconnected. All students are provided with a common reader. More info

Frog Baby The statue in the middle of the fountain just north of Bracken Library. More info
FTE Full-time equivalent, for either faculty or students. One faculty FTE equals a 12-hour teaching and/or research load each semester; student FTE is calculated on full-time being 12 hours (example, in Fall 2005, enrollment stood at 15,903 students, but the FTE was 15,270.87). Student FTE is important because it directly impacts levels of state funding.
ICHE Indiana Commission for Higher Education, the state agency which has regulatory powers regarding Indiana public colleges and universities; often pronounced "itchy."
Merit Pay The part of annual raises that is based on outstanding performance; usually determined by a departmental committee.
Naked Lady The statue named Forest Idyll near the circulation desk in Bracken Library; a popular meeting place for study groups and a place where students leave notes for friends indicating where in the library they went. More info
P & T The Promotion and Tenure process for tenure-line faculty; procedures and guidelines may vary by department and college.
Scramble Light The traffic light at the corner of McKinley and Riverside; its cycle includes a chirping noise that marks the pedestrian crossing period.
The Village The commercial area on the southeast corner of campus, home to several restaurants, bars, bookstores, and other businesses.

Go to Campus Landmarks and Traditions for pictures and additional points of interest around campus.

Book Stores
There are three college bookstores on/near campus: Barnes and Noble (the official BSU bookstore in the Arts and Journalism Building), TIS, and CBX (both in the Village area on the southeast corner of campus). Typically, your book orders submitted through your department go to all three stores, so students should be able to go to any of the stores for your texts. None of these stores offers much in the way of non-textbook books, although a small collection is available at Barnes and Noble, and they are happy to place orders for you. Within Muncie there is a small local bookstore named Danners which is popular, and a "Books a Million" is located in the Muncie Mall.

Child Care
The BSU WorkLife program offers various services to make your transition to Muncie go more smoothly, including a referral service for both child care and elder care. The Child Study Center, sponsored by the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, also provides preschool experiences and is staffed in part by students in related child development courses.