Phase Two Group Project

Purpose: The Phase Two Group Project exists to help students put concepts learned in workshop into practice through a guided experiential activity.

Learning Objectives

Students will

  • Think critically in order to solve a real world problem
  • Work collaboratively with other students
  • Understand how group dynamics influence a team
  • Learn a concrete process for developing a project
  • Evaluate themselves and other students
  • Examine how the materials presented in workshops can translate into a leadership experience


Students will be placed into small groups by the Excellence in Leadership staff. Once the groups are formed students will be asked to solve a problem in the Ball State or Muncie community.  Students will spend the fall semester designing a plan to implement their solution. In the spring students will spend a minimum of 40 hours (divided among group members) on their project. Students will be expected to submit a proposal at the end of the fall semester outlining their project plan. Students will then be expected to submit a report at the end of the spring semester evaluating the project’s success. Students are free to select any problem of their choosing but they will be asked to consider:

  • What makes this a “problem”
  • Can this issue realistically “solved” or assisted given the timeframe?
  • What resources already exist to solve the problem?
  • What potential partners exist?

This is a “guided experience”, which means assignments have been put into place to make sure groups are working throughout the semester. There are also periodic reviews built in throughout the process in order to identify groups, or individuals, who are struggling in the project.

The workshops offered in the fall and spring semester will directly relate to the group experience. Phase Two is designed so that students can implement “classroom” concepts into the project. Often the concepts learned in the workshop will be incorporated in the project assignments. For example, the first workshop is titled “Setting Expectations”.   During that class meeting students will meet in their group and go through a series of exercises in order to establish expectations for their team. These exercises will be turned in at the end of the meeting and graded for credit.


Does this sound too hard? Don't worry, other students have done this before you!

Click on the image below to see a video of last year's "best" group project.