Semester 1: Self Exploration

Excellence in Leadership (EIL) starts with the assumption that leadership begins within. The first semester of the program is focused on self exploration. Our workshops will help you explore your own skill level, values, and leadership assumption. First semester workshops include:

What is Leadership?/Leadership Practices Inventory – How do you define leadership? Is there a "right" way to lead? We begin by addressing these issues. We'll also distribute an inventory to help you determine your leadership strengths and weaknesses.

Citizen Leadership Panel – Meet established leaders in the Muncie and Indianapolis communities.

Effective Communication– Leaders must be great communicators. Learn how.

StrengthsQuest – "StrengthsQuest, Gallup's strengths development program for high school and college students, faculty, and staff, gives people the opportunity to develop strengths by building on their greatest talents -- the way in which they most naturally think, feel, and behave as unique individuals".  - www.strengthsquest.com

Fall Retreat – Journey to Camp Yale for outdoor team-building activities. 

Leadership Involvement Fair – We're bringing some of the most important leadership opportunities to you. This fair will only offer prestigious opportunities, including some paid positions.

Case Studies: A Day in the Life of A College Student Leader – We'll present you with some of the most common challenges that student leaders face. Working with your peers you'll help develop solutions for each scenario.

Wrap Up – Celebrate a great semester and prepare yourself for the spring.