Semester2: Types of Leadership

The first year of the program continues as we consider various types of leadership. The second semester presents you with various leadership philosophies and approaches. Second semester workshops include:

Management vs. Leadership – Is there a difference between "managing" people and "leading" them? 

Servant Leadership – It started with a simple idea - leaders put others first. Learn how leaders can, and should, be great servants.

Relational Leadership Model– Leadership is a process that puts relationships first. We'll talk about how leaders build connections with their team.

Situational Leadership - Different situations call for different responses and different team members respond to different approaches. Learn how great leaders adjust their style depending on the situation and their personnel.

Spring Leadership Conference – Participate in our campus-wide leadership conference. 

Followership – A leader without followers is just a person taking a walk. We'll talk about the different types of followers and why followers are just as important as leaders.

The Five Types of Power – What makes us follow a leader? How does power influence leadership? We'll discuss the five types of power and how they impact leadership styles.

Student Leadership Panel - We're bringing some of the most important and influential student leaders to you. They'll share their leadership journey and their personal philosophies.

Finding Your Passion - Greatness is born from passion. Learn how to find yours.

Wrap Up – Celebrate a great semester and prepare yourself for the spring.