Semester 3: Group Dynamics

This semester begins the transition towards group leadership. You will complete project based teamwork and learn how leadership is affected by group dynamics. Third semester workshops include:

Phases of Group Development – Groups move through natural and predictable phases. You'll explore these phases and learn how to apply them to your team.

Setting Expectations – Effective groups operate with clearly defined expectations. Learn how to setting expectations early can prevent problems later.

Team Conflict and Confrontation – All groups experience conflict. A group is defined by how it handles conflict, not by how it avoids it. 

Fall Retreat – Journey to Camp Yale for outdoor team-building activities.

Group Decision Making – How do teams make decisions? What moves a group forward?

Delegation - There is no I in team. Leaders know how to effectively delegate tasks by observing team members' strengths and weaknesses. Nothing is accomplished alone.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team - Using Patrick Lencioni's best selling book as a model we'll explore how teams go bad.

Wrap Up – Celebrate the fall semester and prepare yourself for the spring!