Semester 4: Leadership in Service and Action

EIL concludes with a focus on leadership in service and action. This is your chance to look at leadership beyond small groups and into the surrounding communities. Workshops include:

Ethical Decision Making – Leaders have to make hard choices. In this session, you'll participate in a case study based on a real life or death medical situation.  

Facilitation Skills – Leaders are often facilitators. Learn how to help a group communicate, reflect, and move forward.

Leading Without A Title – Leaders can emerge from anywhere in an organization. Learn how to lead even if you don't have an official "title." 

Spring Leadership Conference – Participate in our campuswide leadership conference. 

Student Led Workshop: Servant Leadership and The Five Types of Power - You've participated in three semesters of EIL workshops; now it's your turn to present! You'll have the chance to present to Phase One students about Servant Leadership or the Five Types of Power.

Have Far Have You Come - We'll use the Leadership Identity Development Model to help you determine how much you have grown during your time in EIL!

Recognition Banquet – Celebrate your accomplishments at our end of the year banquet.